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GARCY420: “Bitter Breakup” – far beyond our usual comfort zones!

GARCY420 is probably one of the most polarizing acts in electronic music – even for his biggest fans. Now the Australian returns with another one of his challenging tracks, and yet again makes a case for his steadfast, no-shits-given experimentalism. To be clear, he has a strong interest in all things technical and is fascinated by the idea that you can take music production to another level by using an iPhone coupled with Garageband, Howie Weinberg Mastering, and Audio Convertor etc. “Welcome to the world of virtual music. Real time instruments and sampled beats with fast tempo, high energized, hard rock, dance, dubstep, hip hop and pop – A new direction in the evolution of music,” says GARCY420.

Listening to the music GARCY420 isn’t really comparable to much else out there. While he’s been working far beyond the curve he left behind years ago, he has not quite left the basic structures and mechanics of music behind altogether.

In a sense, he still makes pop, rock, dance or whatever genre he tackles from time to time as that particular music was meant to be made, as an amalgamation of rhythm and melody that encourages both physical and emotional reactions from the listeners.

However, these same tropes and structures are expanded and contracted so far beyond our usual comfort zones that they seem to take on an antithetic, experimental quality that is uniquely their own. Instruments are electronically generated made from samples, waves and algorithms that mangle the conventional musical landscape but are, at their core, nothing more than the fundamental mechanics of music, just presented from a vastly different production point of view.

The “Bitter Breakup” single captures GARCY420 at his most elemental and entropic, and serves as a treatise by which his vision can be better understood. To approach this music, listeners are encouraged to take everything at face value, to digest this material tabula rasa and let the music inscribe itself into a blank slate in your mind instead of having to overwrite years of conventional perceptions that do nothing more than obscure and cloud the impact of the music itself.

GARCY420’s style is in its purest form here, as a mutating, organic mass of beat-driven synthetic sound stretched out over a 3 and a half minute improvisation, that sounds like a hybrid blend of Daft Punk’s Dance-Pop, DJ Umek’s Techno pulsations and Iggy Pop’s Funk-Punk vocal musings.

The “Bitter Breakup” is nothing if not wholly and unequivocally GARCY420’s musical credo through and through, and functions on a macro level, as a symbol for the vast ocean of sounds contained in his prolific and ever-changing canon.

While it’s a monumental achievement to have such a unique catalog of music, what is perhaps the most impressive is the ability of GARCY420 to be so aware of his place in the musical field, and to be able to constantly condense, reformulate, and reevaluate his own sound. This candid understanding of his own vision is what keeps him at the top of his game and in front as well as left-field of the pack…of which he has no interest in being a part of!


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