Esther Dorcas Y.W.Wong: “Postcards” – a place of sublime yet ecstatic transformation!

The latest album by Esther Dorcas Y.W.Wong, entitled “Postcards”, is very compelling, not overly sweet or cloying, and there is a wonderful musical quality to each piece. I was quite surprised by the consistency of the album, with strong offerings on each track; often this type of music begins to sound repetitious after a bit; the music contains a lot of electronic voicings and embellishments, and it provides a truly meticulous sound environment.

The album notes describe the recording rather precisely. “POSTCARDS embarks on a journey around the world, from Asia all the way to Europe; a journey that encompasses a unique experience of beauty. These unforgettable memories were captured by fourteen musical impressions from eight different countries, inspired by the phenomenal natural landscapes, atmosphere, the traditional folk music and instruments, the locals, the off-the-beaten-track experiences and the adventure of a lifetime.” 

Esther Dorcas Y.W. Wong
Esther Dorcas Y.W. Wong

And in fact the songs and their themes are easy to follow, as each title includes the country of origin and a descriptive phrase. For instance take the second track, “Iceland-The Land of Fire and Ice”. It really doesn’t get much easier than that. The cardinal question, when listening to World or New Age music, is always the same. Is the music capable of moving and elevating one to a place of sublime yet ecstatic transformation?

The answer is yes! This is absolutely mesmerizing music from Esther Dorcas Y.W.Wong. “Postcards” is exactly the potential, in listening to the subtle interplay of its ethereal tone and pulse. If you close your eyes and relax, you’ll become aware of a different time and place, and upon return you’ll feel surprisingly refreshed and relaxed. Ambient, trance, New Age and World soundscapes all flow and merge into a beautifully uplifting sound tapestry that is not only immensely enjoyable – but is true to in its influence to take us on a journey, even if only for a few precious moments. This lady is simply amazing the way she weaves a tale and immerses you in sound, depth and perception. She actually lifts you up and places you in another place and time.

There are 14 tracks on the album and to breakdown and analyze each one is a truly uninspiring task. Music usually captures our attention as the sum of its parts, and should be enjoyed as such. Suffice to say that each and every one of them is stunningly beautiful and haunting. “Postcards” reaches into the listener’s heart and soul, wrapping one in melodic, haunting musical brilliance. A great stress reliever at the end of a busy day, a way to connect with your inner-self. It’s almost like you feel that you have been holding your breath and now on hearing “Postcards”, you can actually breathe again.

Esther Dorcas Y.W. Wong
Esther Dorcas Y.W. Wong

The instrumentation is thick, dense, resulting in a truly heavenly sound, while the production is flawless in its knife-edge quality. Often I felt as if I was listening to a movie soundtrack, as the sound is so ‘grand’ and ‘engrossing’. Esther Dorcas Y.W.Wong has created another sonic masterpiece with “Postcards”, that only furthers her standing as one of the most creative and prolific upcoming artists in the World Music scene.

More About: Esther Dorcas Y.W. Wong, a composer, arranger, music teacher, music therapist and a traveler. Inspired by music around the world and all her travelling experiences, her style of music blends the modern with the traditional, from orchestral, instrumental, electronica, ambient to world fusion. Recently pursuing the path of becoming a music therapist, using music to impact people’s lives. Born in Hong Kong, Esther grew up with the western classical music by beginning piano lesson at the age of six. Her passion of music ignited during her high school years when she moved to New Zealand.



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