Dynamic duo from Central Texas continues to deliver great music!

With Covid-19 impacting and slowing down the music industry, Austin Texas artist Tommy Francisco continues to release great music. With the guidance and help of songwriter/producer and manager Stephan (Steph-Writes) Flanagan, Tommy has continued to thrive. With his latest singles “See Through” and “Yeah,” Tommy has showcased his versatility and creativity. “Yeah” is one of those songs that comes on and makes you want to dance. “See Through” is a real vibe that you have to have on repeat.

Tommy is planning on releasing a few more songs before his EP “REMEDY 2” drops later this year. When asked about the project, Tommy said “I feel like I’m hitting my stride. With the help of my team and Steph, we have slowly put together a great body of work. None of the songs you hear now, or even in the next few months, will be on the EP. We’re taking it back to the AfroPop/Caribbean sound with great vibes and story lines.”

Listen to Tommy’s latest songs “See Through” and “Yeah” below!

Connect with Tommy Francisco:
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/tommymusicnow
Instagram: @TommyMusicNow

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