Do Dirt is back with his single – “Dead Opps”

Christopher Hoyer is a songwriter, composer, artist and multi-instrumentalist and also a creative music producer. He has published his music in the name of Do Dirtin Spotify.

Tweets from great songwriters and composers about their creations are common. Now, Christopher Hoyer has tweeted about the publishing of his creations in Spotify with a nickname as Do Dirt.

Do Dirt is an artist out of Orange County California 714. He was hoping to buzz over the internet after re-entry into the music industry after nearly 7 years. He was in prison for 7 years for a charge of using a pistol.

Do Dirt returned to the music domain after engaged in work with many performers in California. He has worked with a few local talents. This new song by Do Dirt is called “Dead Opps” and it has been making a small buzz on social media and Spotify.

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