Dj Sultan: “HIPS SING” ft. Jamaican Superstar ELEPHANT MAN

Dj Sultan is a DJ, Songwriter and Producer that has been playing for crowds all over the world, with a border-smashing style, blending hard beats, world rhythms, and great melodies to keep the world dancing. His current project includes Caribbean, Electro Pop and Latin Crossover styles.

Hips Swing cover artwork
Hips Swing cover artwork

The first single from this Project entitled, “HIPS SING”, features Jamaican Superstar ELEPHANT MAN.

Dj Sultan has the talent to pull all of this off. He clearly enjoys listening to all the forms of music he delves into. He’s adept at songwriting, if not amongst the best, his just at good at producing. And, as this music also proves, he’s at his best when he’s experimenting like a genre chameleon.

He can clearly craft a beat to work over in any style he likes. No borders, no barriers, he has created an impressive steady stream of releases with no duds, slackness or wackness.

And now “HIPS SING” is another solid chapter in his catalog and showcases his amazing tight production skills, and songwriting that touches down on keeping the classic dancehall vibe alive and well.

The ELEPHANT MAN adds just the right amount of authenticity and power to the vocals, to turn this thing into a crackerjack club banger.

The Elephant Man & DJ Sultan
The Elephant Man & DJ Sultan

He adds such a pulse to the beat that really holds everything down and makes you focus on the music. His ability to sit on a rhythm is equaled by few, making this is fantastic and completely enjoyable collaboration with Dj Sultan.

This is, by far, the coolest dance floor thing I have heard in recent weeks. Dj Sultan’s “HIPS SING” is Dancehall Reggae music at its current cross-over finest.

It is hypnotic and uplifting at the same time. Full of rhythm and really hard to resist.  Dj Sultan has dedicated this track to making you want to get up and dance.

So if you’re looking for that song that makes you ‘shake that thing’, this is definitely the one. Dj Sultan and The ELEPHANT MAN nailed it with their delivery of “HIPS SING”. They have managed to turn an electro-reggae-pop style into a dance floor craze!


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