Derek James: “Take You Out Dancing” could easily be your get-moving-in-the-morning-jam!

Derek James, a New York City based singer-songwriter started his music career taking to the stage half way around the world at an open-mic in Australia in 2003. Derek made it to back to New York by way of France, where he had formed a band and spent the better part of a year busking on the streets and playing in the clubs of Europe.

These experiences led to his debut Stray. He then spent years on the road amassing a dedicated following, and opening for such bands as OK Go, Blues Traveler, Jesse McCartney, MOE, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Ben Kweller, Alexa Ray Joel and Eric Hutchinson and many more.

Derek James
Derek James

For the last couple of years Derek James has focused on composing for film and TV and is a staple in the NYC music scene performing often with his band “The Lovely Fools”. Derek’s original compositions have appeared on MTV, VH1, Lifetime, A&E, and the Travel Channel.

His much-awaited sophomore album, featuring many of the sounds he uses on stage, like ragtime piano, upright bass, vintage electric guitar, ukulele, banjo, accordion and Ringo-esque drums, Take You Out Dancing, is officially out on the 14th April.

This album is fantastic – it could easily be your get-moving-in-the-morning-jam, and is really fun to sing and dance along to like a fool in the car, while you pretend the person in the automobile next to you, isn’t staring strangely, while you wave your hands around and shout to yourself driving down the highway (but they totally are!).

Derek James has such catchy tunes with meaningful lyrics! If you’re wise, you’ll get ahead of the curve and purchase Take You Out Dancing before he hits the big-time!

Most albums I review have at least one song I skip when listening to, but not this one. I can listen to Take You Out Dancing all the way through without even thinking about wanting to skip a song. Quite a few of his tunes are so catchy they will get stuck in your head. My favorite songs on the album are “Lovely Fool”, “Wave Your Flag”, Take You Out Dancing”, “Maggie”, “Sexy Eyes”, “Dear Dove” and “Slow Go”.

derek-james-400However all of the music is wonderful, as Derek’s style is upbeat and yet relaxing. Reminiscent of a sunny mix between Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and the pensive depth of John Mayer, Derek’s music puts you in a mood in which you feel alive, uplifted, and ready for whatever life will through at you next. Likewise, the beauty of this album is that Derek’s lyrics match the mood that his ensemble of whimsical instrumentals creates.

If you’re looking for a new album and artist who has clean lyrics, clean messages, and showcases the simple yet beautiful moments in life, I encourage you to indulge in this album.

A modern-day troubadour, Derek James is a master of clever, insightful, and charming lyrics, and while the infectious catchiness of his music will appeal to the masses, Derek doesn’t just have a good hook and a great voice, but is actually a very talented musician and songwriter. Check out this album for sure. You won’t be disappointed.


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