David Meister:“Rock and a Hard Place” helps set the bar to a new high!

David Meister’s particular brand of R&B on “Rock and a Hard Place”, a single from his album, “Edit As You Go”, is more akin to a murky atmospheric rock soundscape punctuated by a pulsing beat and floating searing vocals, than the type of radio friendly stuff that his contemporaries put out. I like artists that can roll out original music like Meister does. I guarantee that you will actually get consumed by the song.

david-meister-singleDavid Meister is on a different level, he doesn’t sound like your run of the mill R&B artist. “Rock and a Hard Place” sounds nothing like what we’re used to as far as the overall R&B or Soul sound goes; his art is delivering creative and raunchy lyrics that are shrouded with a dark, almost minimal, alternative rock theme. The music is ambiguous, melodic, and indulgent.

David Meister is the true definition of an artist. He isn’t afraid to be himself and put himself out there. Add in some fantastic production and the combination is deadly! I would imagine that his music can be found in the Urban section, but from what I hear, it’s like a hybrid of R&B, Pop & Rock music, all combined into one and it can’t be labeled as a single particular genre in my opinion.

His voice is strong and where it fades, it comes back strong. His music matches his vocal abilities. One doesn’t topple the other, all is in synch.  “Rock and a Hard Place” helps set the bar to a new high, and as everything else unfolds, you can’t help but smile. This track is one of the most genially crafted R&B records I have heard this year.

If you are a lover of music, then your ears will have no problem listening to the dark enchantment of this track. Even though Meister has an unorthodox sound, and goes against the grain and it still sounds natural, and not as if he is purposely trying to stand out. “Rock and a Hard Place” possesses the lushness of past R&B with the moodiness of modern, alt-R&B while David Meister takes his time executing the lyrics and allowing the audience to hinge onto every processed word. The coolest thing about Meister is that he is like a combo of so many artistic elements but he creates his own unique distinctive style and he does it well!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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