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Danilo Orsini & Piero Toti ft Ariel El Leon & Davy Floris – Sabe’ Que Me Guta (Radio Edit)

“Sabe ‘Que Me Guta” is a moombahton song released by the famous Italian record company Fantasìa Urbana – Executiva Music. Created by skilled Italian Dj and Producer Danilo Orsini and the Italian Dj and producer Piero Toti, the track is sung by the Dominican singer Ariel El Leon and the Italian – Spanish singer Davy Floris.

At the moment the song is being played by many Radio, TV, and DJs in Italy and abroad: Italy, Spain, USA, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Honduras, Uruguay, and more.

Since 1994, the Italian DJ and Producer Danilo Orsini, has remixed and created different dance and Latin tracks, collaborating with both Italian and worldwide DJ/Producers.

Many of his tunes have been incorporated into acclaimed music compilations and played on radio stations and by DJs around the world, reaching the highest chart positions and download numbers.

Piero Toti is an Italian DJ and producer. During his career he has collaborated with various artists and created different dance and Latin tracks. He has had many successes together with Danilo Orsini.

José Ariel Alberto De Los Santos, pseudonym of Ariel El León, is a Latin rapper and singer. He collaborates with several Italian and Latin artists, carrying out his rapper / singer project.

Davy Floris, pseudonym of Davide Mario Floris is a singer, producer, DJ, composer, Spanish actor of reggaeton music, Latin pop and dance. At the age of 14 he began working as a DJ and vocalist in the most famous nightclubs in Italy and at 18 he began producing his first songs, always using a Latin sound and rhythm.


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