Dan Q: “Can I Have You?” (feat. Chenell) – introspective flows are met with a unique musical arrangement

Dan Q is a new artist from Newport News, VA, who has recently signed under Hip Hop legend, Cormega’s Legal Hustle Records. Dan Q’s style consists of honest lyricism doused with creativity.

Dan Q  (photo by Sunny Freshco)
Dan Q (photo by Sunny Freshco)

Dan Q’s single “Can I Have You? (feat. Chenell)” is truly special: rare modern Rap music that is contemplative, artistic and laidback, yet head-nodding in perfect amounts. Dan Q true to self, introspective and deep flows are met with an equally unique musical arrangement that is a straight up rhyme-fest displaying Dan Q’s ability to blend multiple musical genres into one truly original hip-hop song.

There is also a consistent sense and an incessant reminder of the much-appreciated alternative and experimental rap music doing the rounds that is present throughout and only adds more to the song’s appeal – which is even further elevated by Chenell’s sweet vocal interludes.

Regardless of the sound he utilizes, by being true to his roots and his emotions Dan Q pulsates with a genuine earthy Hip Hop atmosphere by simply laying bare his heart and soul as few rappers dare to do nowadays. Such is the definition of “keeping it real” (which, too often is confused with cockiness, ego and the lyrical glorification of violence) and it elevates his work even further and makes it all the more intimate, emotionally powerful and unique.

Dan Q high caliber lyricism and one of a kind verbal style only make his music all the more special and helps it to stand head and shoulders above the pack who boldly regurgitate the same content and sound like everybody else. This, in itself, makes this project worth seeking out and his music worth hearing.

“Can I Have You? (feat. Chenell)” is the passion, emotion and reflection of one man’s journey and pursuit to prove his love for a woman. Dan Q proves he can be a breath of fresh to the genre without the hype or denigrating ranting and raving used by some of his peers!


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