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Cypher the Avatar: “This Brain Of Mine” – the rampant imaginings of an altered state of mind!

In 2013 Cypher the Avatar broke into the music-scene with the release of the NeverKnowsBest project.  Capturing attention from the online global community through thousands of downloads, the project put Cypher the Avatar on the radar of new-fans worldwide. With rhymes that provoke thought on real-life issues in religion, relationships and relate the struggle he’s had in pursuing his own path.  Cypher the Avatar’s single “Kid Icarus Takes Flight” further confirmed that the direction he had taken was the right one, as fans and critics celebrated its release. He also established his own label, Icarus Records in 2015.

Cypher the Avatar
Cypher the Avatar

Cypher the Avatar who handles the mixing, mastering, production and recording of his music, right in his own home studio in Houston, TX has now released a series of tracks from a collection called LATENIGHTSESSIONS. Of the project Cypher says: “LATENIGHTSESSIONS features tracks that I have made to help erase time on all the late nights that I can’t sleep. Simply exploring sound and experimenting, insomnia has it’s pros at times.”

One of these tracks is “This Brain Of Mine.” On it Cypher the Avatar once again proves that he is a one of a kind artist that does things his way. His way is unique, soothing, and produces great music. As broad as the hip-hop genre has grown, I still feel like he finds the boundaries and breaks the mold, making it tough to compare Cypher to any other artist.

The beat is sparse, clean and deep, and extremely well produced. Cypher the Avatar’s flow is deliberate, not always rapping and not quite singing, while the lyrics are limited to a couple of lines that are repeated, matching the beat hit for hit. More than a lyrical oratory, the song is an investigation into a state of mind. Diving into his consciousness, Cypher takes us into his late night state of being. It gives the track an overarching theme that is both disturbing and soothing.

Cypher the Avatar embodies a new element of hip hop that is much needed. He is not afraid to rap about consciousness or delve into the rampant imaginings of an altered state of mind. His production also makes one listen to him more closely as he searches for a new dimension within the genre.


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