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Cypher the Avatar: “NO MÁS” – revitalizing hip-hop in his own way!

Two years since his breakthrough debut project “NeverKnowsBest”, Cypher the Avatar has been grinding his way through the music scene with eclectic music productions fronted by rhymes that provoke on themes of religion, relationships and relate his personal struggles.

The single “Kid Icarus Takes Flight” further confirmed that the direction he had taken was the right one, as fans and critics celebrated its release. He also established his own label, Icarus Records in 2015. A few months back Cypher the Avatar dropped a collection of tracks from his LATENIGHTSESSIONS project. Cypher said of the project: “LATENIGHTSESSIONS features tracks that I have made to help erase time on all the late nights that I can’t sleep. Simply exploring sound and experimenting, insomnia has it’s pros at times.”

Cypher the Avatar
Cypher the Avatar

Now in mid-December 2015 Cypher the Avatar is back with another EP entitled, “NO MÁS”. He describes it as a “3hr meditation into an 8min journey.” The first thing noticeable is that the 3 tracks are produced by different Producers. The next, quickly noticeable thing, are the song titles: “Fuck Him, Her and You I’m A God (prod. by AMNYST)”, “demisexyouall (prod. by Ricky Hernandez)” and “My Euphoria is NO MÁS (prod. by timG)”.

Cypher the Avatar, is one of the strongest MC’s I’ve heard in a very long time. And I’m not talking about his sing-song rap style either, I’m talking lyrically. This EP is incredible top to bottom, the production is a variety of dark beats to mellow laid back music. Cypher’s voice takes a little bit of time to get accustomed to for the uninitiated, and you may not be exactly impressed with his delivery the first time around. But over time you’ll grow to love his voice and especially his messages buried deep into each and every one of his songs.

If you are a just now getting into Cypher the Avatar then this is as perfect as any place to start, then I also recommend to move on to his other stuff. I will say, that though this EP is admittedly mellow and slow paced, Cypher’s enthusiasm level is considerably more intense than the production. And the lyrics and subject matter is undeniably great and thought provoking once again.

Cypher the Avatar has been revitalizing hip-hop in his own way, without much hype and ado. In my estimation, artists of this caliber deserve more attention. If you’re looking for introspective and complex lyrics (beware this time around Cypher is more sexually explicit than ever), backed by ominous beats that create a perfect atmosphere, you need “NO MÁS” in your collection!


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