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Cody Flesher: “A Foundation Harder Than The Strength of Doubt” is uplifting, spiritual, and inspirational!

Personally, I feel that Cody Flesher’s single, “A Foundation Harder Than The Strength of Doubt”, is very impressive, both musically and vocally. The song as a whole has a really good feel and is at least two notches above some of his previous work, remarkable as it has been.

Cody and his team showed poise and maturity on this one – throwing in a blend of the spoken word, some solid rock riffs and some catchy pop hooks, together with Cody’s full swing voice. This is the sound that usually unites genres and people. Raw honesty and tremendous creativity are two of the most striking aspects of this work, though the execution in itself cannot by any means be ignored.

Cody Flesher
Cody Flesher

A lot of Christians are more religious than real. Cody Flesher brings the to two things to one place in “A Foundation Harder Than The Strength of Doubt”. Something has happened to Christian artists lately. And I think Cody Flesher has nailed it with this track.

In an industry where these folks live and die off of building their own names for brand identity, it must be extremely difficult doing that while glorifying the Savior at the same time. This track, in an off-handed way seems to capture all of this in its song title and message.

He somehow manages to put out an awesome song filled with the self-awareness – but not self-importance – clearly showing that he is trying to contribute to building Christ’s empire with his talents. What happens to his own personal ‘empire’ is only a consequence of what he has done for Christ’s empire. Now that’s a whole different outlook compared to the rest of the entertainment industry.

Consider that Cody first stepped onto the stage at the age of two, yet he only officially began his music career in 2009, after two decades. He then released his debut album, “The Protected Shall Never Know” in 2012. Since then he has done a 1001 things including “focusing on the concepts of faith, family, friendship, and the frailty of life.” Again, by this we can gauge how measured, collected and poised the man is.

“A Foundation Harder Than The Strength of Doubt” is very satisfying. It is uplifting, spiritual, and inspirational. The mixture of Cody’s enjoyable gift for full blown vocals and the spoken word, plus his lyrical skills has made the track a phenomenal crossover between rock, emo and pure urban edge.

Cody Flesher has a standout kind of voice and a very unique style that sets him far above many. Cody is definitely in a lane of his own, not a carbon copy of anyone or anything else I’ve heard. He’s genuine, and you can hear it in his music.




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