Clutch 1: “Pimp Walk [Prod. By DJ Breezy]” is incredibly intoxicating with its ‘lazy’ 70’s sidewalk beat!

Clutch 1 is an 80’s baby born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx that would later grow up in South Florida. A hip-hop aficionado who grew up on Redman, Nas, Snoop Dogg and Outkast, Clutch 1 started writing rhymes just as an outlet for expression, which then turned to battling in high school. After dropping out of college he helped form the group Nightshift who released some local hits. His first solo offering was 2012’s Gold Medal Music and he is set to release his Stash Gordon EP later this year.

Clutch 1
Clutch 1

In the meantime Clutch 1 has dropped “Pimp Walk [Prod. By DJ Breezy]”, a track described as “reminiscent of a 70’s Blaxploitation movie making you feel as if you’re in that Cadillac riding around town like looking like a Mack and collecting your paper.”

In the nineties, hip hop was a different place, and if it were like that today, it would be so much better. Clutch 1, on this track, can be seen as lyricist bringing back a taste of that style. This guy can battle you, inject humor, tell stories, and make you think all at the same time – with ease and gusto, and he displays all that and then some on “Pimp Walk [Prod. By DJ Breezy]”.

The track is incredibly intoxicating with its ‘lazy’ 70’s sidewalk beat that will immediately get your head nodding. It packs a further wallop with the stunning, quick-witted, strong lyrics that Clutch 1 lays over each bar. For this track, Clutch 1 has a weed-inducing, slow delivery and off the wall rhymes.

Clutch 1’s out-of-left-field rhymes aren’t meant to be taken too seriously, but the whole track is tight lyrically, regardless. Plus with DJ Breezy’s slow-funk-laden production and Clutch 1’s tight and textured rhymes, you’ve got an authentic 70’s feel track with a modern approach that will probably never get old – as it is already a timeless classic in its creation!


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