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Christian Cordan: “Beyond The Stars” – a voice is one that can cross all generation-smooth!

Christian Cordan is a 24 year old singer-songwriter originally from Little Rock, Arkansas. He graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in Business and is currently enrolled at the Clinton School of Public Service. His style of music is Contemporary R&B; Christian says he has a lot of smooth melodies and abstract lyrics. “My inspiration comes from my past, I’m just looking to change lives through my music.”

Christian Cordan has just released the track, entitled “Beyond The Stars”. It is the story of a man trying to express to a woman the magnitude of his feelings for her and where the expression of that love will take them in their union – “Beyond the Stars”. Christian Cordan is the epitome of an entertainer.

Christian Cordan
Christian Cordan

He sings good music, has a story, you hear the passion in his voice and automatically catch that momentum.  This brother will blow you away with this no frills performance. It took me two listens to realize what was so unusual about Christian’s in-your-face performance.

“Beyond The Stars” makes the perfect backdrop to a romantic evening or even just a cocktail party or simply for your own relaxation. It has a sophisticated sound that will make you look very cool to everyone you know when you put it on your player.  Christian Cordan’s music and his voice is one that can cross all generation-smooth – mellow, relaxing, soulful, jazzy…wonderful.

This dude is for the Ladies and Gentlemen who have outgrown the club, who have outgrown the pimping and gold digging. This is for the grown, sexy and confident loving people of the world. If you are smooth then this track, is required in your collection.

It’s really good to know that when you’ve pretty much given up on the condition of today’s music, that you can hear an artist like Christian Cordan. It dawns on you that there are still artists who are dedicated to “the music and the message” and not the package that the music comes in. From the first note on “Beyond The Stars”, the listener is blessed with the gift of superb vocal musical artistry and lyrical mastery.

If you’ve ever loved, laughed, cried, pondered what you’ve done with your life, and wonder why you are in a relationship, you will appreciate this song. No, it won’t give you the complete meaning of life, but, if you listen closely, it will help you on your journey towards understanding why you love, and why we all need something that can takes us “Beyond The Stars”.


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