Check out the new single “Moves” by Charlotte, North Carolina artist, Speed Glizzy

Check out the new single “Moves” by Charlotte, North Carolina artist, Speed Glizzy. What makes his songs so special is that Speed Glizzy borrows from the experience of not only himself but also some of the people and family around him. He is such an interesting rapper because he’s able to relate to everyone.

“Moves” is a great introductory song to the artist. It is the perfect delivery of motivational lyrics and a trap-centric melodic beat. It gives a great opening to what the rest of Speed Glizzy’s catalog may sound like.

After listening to “Moves”, you can easily conclude that this track is going to played on multiple playlists throughout the world. It is not too over-the-top, like many of Speed Glizzy’s contemporaries. The cool sounds of track will help calm the angst we may be feeling.

The rap that we need today, should to be raw and emotional with a positive underlining message, and this what “Moves” supplies. The production too, is gorgeous. Some of the highlights include a prominent piano, sleek drum programming, and a resonating low-end.

On top of the aforementioned elements, Speed Glizzy delivers a compelling flow with a steady rhythm and a cadence that bodes in his favor. There can be little doubt that Speed Glizzy is aiming to be one of the many talented rappers who will experiencing a come-up in 2021.

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