CELLUS.PAPI – “Figuring Less” is ready to explode onto the scene!

Marcellus Major, artistically known as CELLUS.PAPI is an indie artist and CEO of his own label known as Strictly Business Entertainment, where he manages artists worldwide. Out of North Carolina CELLUS.PAPI is creating a buzz with his latest single, “Figuring Less”. As addictive as the substances that he rhymes about, CELLUS.PAPI’s self-effacing raps worm their way into your brain and refuse to leave.

His level of creative ownership, ensures he can control his own narrative and widen his imagination to even greater heights that aren’t caught up in anybody else’s shadow. CELLUS.PAPI knows how to make you both smile and ponder. And right now that feels especially important. A quick run through his catalog and it becomes clear that his vocals are delivered with such variety and charisma that it’s hard not to get lost in his songs.

CELLUS.PAPI’s expansive and exuberant stories draws you right into his world and this, combined with his versatile, head-nodding production, suggests we’re dealing with a real talent who will only keep growing as an artist. On “Figuring Less” there’s an insightfulness to his lyrics, and the way his unorthodox flow intricately builds only to later unravel, shows CELLUS.PAPI is just as happy exploring life’s dead ends, as he is in finding answers.

CELLUS.PAPI takes the druggy swirl of new wave and SoundCloud rap, but adds far more color. He’s an inward-looking poet, capable of transporting you somewhere otherworldly. Any artist capable of binding all these very different elements together in a way that isn’t jarring, is the kind of performer you shouldn’t underestimate.

CELLUS.PAPI weaves in and out of the beat, using a flurry of descriptive words that will bring a smile to your face. He possesses a down-to-earth humility that makes his hard-nosed storytelling raps feel like they’re always coming from a place of truth over fiction. As the beat flickers in, on “Figuring Less”, CELLUS.PAPI becomes more invested in his storytelling, and it truly feels like you’re talking one-on-one with a friend.

You don’t need to read interviews to get acquainted with the CELLUS.PAPI. He puts it all in his music. With a natural knack for a shuffling flow that separates him from most peers, he makes songs that paint the picture of his experiences and habitat, plenty of which can be heard on “Figuring Less”.

Whether he’s floating over beats anchored by sluggish keys, skittering hi-hats, or plunging 808s, CELLUS.PAPI arms himself a stash of flows and witty bars that show he has the makings of a modern rap craftsman.

CELLUS.PAPI skillfully bounces between the evolving scenes of trap and rap, and like any player who can play multiple sides of the floor, he’s warning his peers to step their game up. And while his songs are endlessly catchy, there’s also sneaky depth and nuance to his songwriting. It won’t be long until fans catch on to his movement, as CELLUS.PAPI works on making his mark in the industry. He’s found comfort in his own lane, and is ready to explode onto the scene.

Contact: Strictlybusiness@celluspapi.com / Sbemanagement@celluspapi.com

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