Carl Riseley: ‘You Must Be Joking’ frolics and bounces from emotion to emotion!

Carl Riseley, an acclaimed vocalist, trumpeter, and jazz-man from Australia, has released ‘You Must Be Joking’, his first studio single in six years. During the 2007 Australian Idol competition Riseley progressed into the Top 12 maintaining his original big-band style before moving into the final three, and wowing audiences with his rendition of the Everly Brothers’ ‘Bye Bye Love.’

A former Royal Australian Navy Band Trumpeter, Riseley followed his Australian Idol appearances with two very well received albums. Now he has returned with ‘You Must Be Joking.’ The single precedes Riseley’s full length junior release, which is expected this coming February. The new album will also feature collaborations with two accomplished musicians – Colin Morgan Campbell and Jonathan Holowell.

Carl Riseley
Carl Riseley

No doubt, Carl Riseley has been building a reputation for musical and emotional honesty. And after a six year recording break, Riseley is back in fighting shape. You can tell ‘You Must Be Joking’ was a more organic, naturally written track. The music just flows so well. It’s clear that Riseley didn’t try to conform to anyone’s expectations but his own. Even though I love his covers of standards, at this point in his life, original material suits him and his matured voice even better!

I was surprised upon the first casual listen. ‘You Must Be Joking’ was not remotely what I expected. I discovered a true richness in the combination of Latin and jazz-pop influences which dominate the song. Have you ever wondered if perhaps you were born into the wrong generation? Ever hear a tune or watch a movie that makes you wish you had been there, during that time? You are not alone, as Carl Riseley must have felt the same way in order to produce such wonderful sounds and perpetuate the nostalgia inside everyone who listens. It’s a walk down a memory lane, only you’re creating your own memories to the sounds of a big band, horns and all, with Riseley voice to narrate your journey.

Carl Riseley has put our generation back in touch with a style of music largely overshadowed by a deluge of electronics and software induced arrangements. Popular music is littered with fads and reworks and technical wizardry that hide the true brilliance and melody of fine music. The great male voice delivering a great lyric with the timeless sound of a real band has been sadly missing, if not for a handful of exceptions. Combining his own unique style with that of the age of crooners, Carl Riseley frolics and bounces from emotion to emotion in ‘You Must Be Joking’.

The track forges the sound of a band in full swing as Carl Riseley sings and croons his way through this robust, rousing and rhythmic Latino arrangement. In ‘You Must Be Joking’, Riseley comes shining through for his fans – both old and new – and that is something that doesn’t happen very often in the music world!



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