Robin Banks – “Jungle” featuring CROOK – warm instrumentation and nuanced overall mix!

Robin Banks is a 17 year old rapper from Salt Lake City, Utah. Some of his influences include Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar and Joey Bada$$. Banks has just released the single “Jungle” featuring CROOKRobin Banks has put a lot into this track, but it never sounds too busy or jam-packed. With a ‘seize the day’ attitude at the top to simple lessons spread throughout, Banks is quite direct with his views at times but also relaxed and reflective with random thoughts (but still with meaning) at others.

robin-banks-profileLikewise, the feelings and pace of the track are excited and lively in spots, thanks to “Jungle’s” unique take and its vibrant instruments, while warm, fuzzy coffee shop sounds give it a more chill, easy-breezy atmosphere in alternate sections. In whatever instance though, Robin Banks is always there to adapt correctly in rhyme and song to whatever vibe his production has cooked up.

Bank’s double flavored and dual toned rhymes spruce up this artful track, while kicking knowledge and experience between the choruses. CROOK on the other hand, gives the joint much memorability and collaborative power. Robin Banks vacillates between brash, money-making young adult and wandering, love-inspired truth speaker with amazing rhymes, lots of heart, emotion, and wide-ranging vocal intimations and skill.

“Jungle” featuring CROOK, shows that Robin Banks is purely and foremost a hip-hop artist whose work ethic can be traced back to the art of the music and building strong working relationships with other great talents in his field. The production on this track is solid and crisp and Banks lyricism is strong.  I love how warm the instrumentation and overall mix is so nuanced. The track captivates the listener as the beat is pitted perfectly against the lyrics to evoke a particular emotion and convey its message. “Jungle” featuring CROOK charts a talented young man with a will to rise through the rap industry.


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