“Can’t Turn A Ho Into A House Wife” serves as a perfect appetizer for King Crazii’s upcoming project!

What do many industry legends in the Rap and Hip-hop genre have in common? At some stage in their careers, each of these artists and countless more, have used their lyrics as a weapon that’s designed to attack and wound their rivals. Time and time again, derogatory homophobic phrases have, and still interpret the prejudices apparent in the industry. What’s particularly devastating about this lack of tolerance is that it contradicts the very essence of hip-hop and why it resonated with listeners in the first place. The aim of hip-hop has always been to unite those who were marginalized and oppressed, exploring personal identity through freedom of expression.

It’s easy to see the parallels between this and the LGBTQ discourse, yet the two have rarely converged in positive. There simply seems to be a lack of courage to step up to the plate and do so…until now.

King Crazii is one of the first black men to create a record and entertainment company geared towards the LGBTQ community. In fact, he is CEO of the Money Gang Music Group Inc., a label for the LGBTQ Community.

Anyone who is part of this movement and wants to be represented correctly, can go to www.iammoneygangmusic.com or email King Crazii at carl.walden@iammoneygangmusic.com. Now that’s what I would call, being 100% real, in the 21st century.  While many new artists claim to be advocates for the LGBTQ movement, many fail to genuinely impact the community in this way.

King Crazii is daring young man set on becoming a pioneer of the LGBTQ community within the industry, and is ushering in a brand new scene that will redefine what the genre is capable of. Bisexual, and a victim of sex abuse, King Crazii also has both a modeling, and a sports agency.

Furthermore, he has launched his own clothing and sneaker fashion line called Olympic Unique. Clearly, courage and ambition are two things he does not lack. Currently King Crazii has dropped the single “Can’t Turn A Ho Into A House Wife” ft. Nino Brown, which is taken off his upcoming project, “The Crazii Chronicles 2”.

King Crazii has a gift for writing concise, infectious earworms. When a track such “Can’t Turn A Ho Into A House Wife” arrives at its conclusion, it leaves a void in the listener that can only be filled by playing the track again and again.

The cut has a quality backing instrumental, complete with a deep and dark synth bassline, and skittering hi-hats, which shows King Crazii’s pop, rap and trap fusion. The artist also paints his storyboard in an impressively nuanced light.

The catchy melodic hooks and King Crazii’s charisma are both automatically built into the track, and when they reach their peaks, this certifiable banger is impossible to listen to only once. “Can’t Turn A Ho Into A House Wife” amounts to more than just a single release – it serves as a perfect entreé and appetizer for King Crazii’s upcoming project.

The track also showcases the artist’s adaptability and refusal to be confined to one single style. The song stands out as an engaging listening experience, an entertaining recording that solidifies King Crazii’s status as a breakout star of the next open-minded generation.

With the imminent rise of King Crazii, and all of his ongoing projects, in some ways we can say that the LGBTQ hip-hop revolution has already begun. So as society continues to evolve and becomes more accepting of people from all walks of life, hip-hop will finally reflect this change too. And maybe go back to its core purpose of uniting those who are marginalized and oppressed by society. King Crazii has already reignited this process.




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