Caleb Freeman: “What U Mean Remix” Prod. by Kleeko

Not only is Caleb Freeman different and original, his got quite a sense of humor. You will get to experience all that as well as some hurricane rhymes on the new single – “What U Mean Remix” produced by Kleeko. The act of matching eccentric cadences with personal stories is what Caleb Freeman does best.

The track is refreshing simply because the head of this beast is foaming at the mouth, fighting for the best moment on the track. He don’t trust no nigger, and his out to tell you the whole story about why, on this one!

Caleb Freeman
Caleb Freeman

There’s a distinct lack of gimmicks and we’re left with a well-curated track of strong music sampling. Caleb starts out in a light-hearted way by stating that he will be fucking somebody’s bitch while they’re on Twitter. In strong contrast, he ends the track by saying, he’s got a family to feed and that they’re depending on him. In between there is a story filled with pathos and humor.

“What U Mean Remix” is ambitious with a melodic, bottom-heavy beat and explicit lyricism that moves with unwavering speed and strength. Caleb Freeman convenes to an intensively fleshed out bombastic underground beat with soul chops, electronic stabs, and rhyme exercises that build stamina to endure the depth.

Kleeko brings his muscular production with Caleb’s alliterative, esoteric wordplay showcasing bravado and a stark portrayal of his hood’s growing pains. One thing becomes clear: they all know how to effortlessly bring out each other’s best qualities without compensating their identity.

Caleb Freeman rarely tells full linear stories, instead opting for a gallery of vivid snapshots, using his seesawing delivery to develop the images. Hip Hop isn’t exactly a place for too many smiles and pardons so there are times during the verses when Caleb drops a hard line that’s like a jab to the solar plexus…just before he makes you smile!

In fact he often opts for creative rhyming, between the angry and the absurd. You’ll be amazed by the way he puts combinations of words together that you probably wouldn’t think of.


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