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C-Vedo: “Oh No” – a knack for rhyming 5 or 6 explosive words in a single bar!

Known in the Tampa area as C-Vedo, he has been rapping and making music for his own personal enjoyment for the last few years, but everyone who has heard his songs has been pushing Chris “C-Vedo” Navedo to get signed, so he decided to shop around for a label.

C-Vedo has had sit downs with Sony, Jive and some other independent records labels, but nothing they offered has really caught his attention. In the meantime he has released his latest track entitled, “Oh No”.

Chris “C-Vedo” Navedo
Chris “C-Vedo” Navedo

Chris “C-Vedo” Navedo has skills, no doubt, as he takes us through a sonic adventure that is unparalleled. C-Vedo flow and lyrical ability is amazing, and production is tight all throughout. “Oh No” demonstrates that he means business and that he is not about to let up.

Lyrically C-Vedo proves himself with his versatility easily able to flip clever and insightful metaphors using an extensive vocabulary although sometimes he drop’s explicit thug-rap lines, which is no bad thing and fits his style too.

For the most part C-Vedo is not too complex but he has a peculiar knack for rhyming 5 or 6 explosive words in a single bar. On “Oh No” he seems to light the mic up with every word that comes out of his mouth – every rhyme and line is perfectly on beat.

C-Vedo’s tongue twisting rhymes and quick delivery on this track, definitely makes it stand out from most of the other songs in his catalog, though there are some more gems there, such as; “On The Ball”, “Hot Damn”, “Blue Card” and “Real Money”. The other songs are pretty strong too, with good lyrics and production.

I’d say that if you like any kind of hip-hop that you will most likely enjoy “Oh No”. It doesn’t matter whether you listen to old school rap or only exclusive new stuff, good music is timeless, and C-Vedo’s “Oh No” is a real good one!


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