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Brendan Dean: “Shamanic Wizard” -A sketch pad filled with unrealized notations of a beautiful madness

It is nearly hallucinatory listening to the entirety of “Shamanic Wizard” in a single sitting.

Shamanic Wizard out on ShadowsRecords, is Brendan Dean’s first EP release. The album consists of eerie dark elements within the electronica, instrumental genre.  The Ep is very experimental consisting of lo-fi tracks to let the sound radiate through the listeners mind. I was unfamiliar with Brendan Dean, thus my thoughts on “Shamanic Wizard” are from a rare perspective of ignorance and this, I believe, sometimes benefits the musical product, which exists as the singular portal into the Qualia of an artist, whose life and universe is a mystery to us.

Without awareness of Brendan Dean, the artist, his identity is sought through an encounter with his art which creates a more intimate bond with the work as opposed to its creator. In the digital age, the age of celebrity, this type of listening experience happens less and less, though when it is possible it is especially intriguing.

brendan-dean-300Commencing immediately following my initial listen of “Shamanic Wizard” I was struck by how it had felt like a dream, regurgitated from the psyche of a musicologist wanting to communicate emotions, thoughts and feelings. As a dream it is difficult to grasp any one song on “Shamanic Wizard” as a fully developed entity existing alongside equally developed separate entities, as each individual track is the symbolization of many experiences absorbed into the mind of its creator, and then manifesting itself into the subconscious of the listener, and disappearing before it has fully gestated into a traditional song state.

It is nearly hallucinatory listening to the entirety of “Shamanic Wizard” in a single sitting, as there is imagery ingrained into the shifting soundscapes that refuses to adhere to an identifiable shape, merely teasing the listener as it unfurls into the atmosphere, leading one into a psychedelic calm, as a strange narcotic could, if it were as gentle as a companion.

“Our Faces Will Never Meet Again”, “Dark Lotus”, “Dark One” and “The End”, are sketch pads filled with unrealized notations of a beautiful madness that nearly attain a profoundness before breaking into entirely new but similarly enlightened streams of consciousness, so that you never get the full idea but only vague associations that result in a hypnotic listening experience.

If you like experimental music, whimsical soundscapes and rhythms that crawl slither and creep, “Shamanic Wizard” may be your ally through the darkest of nights. And even if Brendon Dean’s life and universe remains a mystery afterwards, you will have definitely discovered more about your own psyche!

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