Brannon announces new album ‘Everyday Heroes’

Brannon announces new album ‘Everyday Heroes’. The 13 track album is a masterclass in acoustic rock songwriting 

Brannon specializes in the type of classic, no frills songwriting that defies trends and speaks directly to the hearts of the listeners.  A collaboration between award winning lyricist Jonathon Brannon and ace studio vocalist David Cagle, the duo’s songs are filled with a rare authenticity and honesty, making them stand out from the crowd of their fame seeking peers.  With their new album, Brannon are proving the timeless appeal of a well-crafted song. Fans of old fashioned acoustic rock should take notice.

Opening track ‘I’m Alive’ sets the stage brilliantly, with vocal harmonies that recall the golden era of singer/songwriters.  Themes of enduring friendship and perseverance continually reappear, such as on lead single ‘On My Way.’

“Still wrestle with doubt, but I’ll figure it out,” goes one memorable line.  Poetic yet plain spoken, Brannon’s biggest gift is their ability to express complex emotions in such a simple way.

On album highlight ‘Ghost,’ Jonathon embraces a more surreal style of storytelling.  An intimate portrait of the way lost love haunts its former home, ‘Ghost’ is Brannon at their most vulnerable, and their most affecting.

Each one of these thirteen tracks is a world of its own, with characters searching for the strength to go on and finding meaning in the struggle.  It is a sentiment best summed up in the closing lines of the final track: “We’ll make it through the darkest year…”

‘Everyday Heroes’ could be a new favorite album for fans who could use a little inspiration and hope. ‘Everyday Heroes’ is available everywhere September 11, 2020

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