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Bernie Journey: “Patience With My Heart” + 6 club gems that soar with uplifting, soulful groove!

Bernie Journey born Bernard David Journey in Cleveland, Ohio shares the unique distinction along with Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga of working on his very first recordings and EP with music producer Joe Vulpis. The singer-songwriter has released his latest dance pop single EP, “Patience With My Heart”, containing the original version along with six remixes, through the indie label J2 Records.

Featured on the release are club friendly dance remixes by Wayne Numan (Cher, Madonna). The original version was produced by Peter Litvin along with an alternative version of the original, featuring Argentinian saxophonist Hendrick Valera. Rounding out the single EP is the ‘Chilledelic Mix’ and an ‘On Island Time’ version.

Bernie Journey
Bernie Journey

“Patience With My Heart”, is a total club song, and by all rights Bernie have a huge club hit on his hands as the remixes are fabulous. The lyrics are universal, life affirming, and trumpet sexual rejuvenation and renewal at any point in life for all of us. If you are a Bernie Journey fan, this is a must, as always, perfect lyrics, an extraordinary melody and a great voice. If you are not a fan of Bernie but are a fan of good dance music you are going to love this EP also.

The original track and its remixes hit every tempo of music and the rhythms are unique. It is raunchy and engaging as well as suave and edgy. Wayne Numan dishes up energy infused, highly motivating, club gems that soars with uplifting, soulful groove. The Hendrick Valera saxophone-induced version, delivers an ethereal, very moody, suggestive, progressive, almost deep house theme. Bernie’s voice is masterfully layered and harmonized in this one. Both the ‘Chilledelic Mix’ and ‘On Island Time’ versions forge a stylized, relaxing sonic vibe that rings rather pleasant.

“Patience With My Heart” catches you on your first listening. Bernie Journey writes his music from the heart, he sings from his heart and that’s what shines through. To me it seems that he is sharing his experiences as any true artist does, not trying to be some type of phony commercial success like so many of today’s pop or dance stars. If you enjoy well-written dance-pop music with smashing vocals this is the track for you.

“Patience With My Heart” has been distributed to all the relevant online music outlets and appropriately timed to appear just days ahead of Valentine’s Day, on February 12th 2016.


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