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AVC3DIA: “PLAIN” -Unyielding and punchy with an amazingly soaring melody and message

AVC3DIA is a collaborative effort of 2 high school friends, Producer Alex Wischusen, an epileptic drummer and bass dropper Sophie Grego. After enduring high school Alex and Sophie learned that they both had a passion for electronic music. By combining Alex’s drumming expertise and dirty electro-dubstep sound with Sophie’s eccentric personality and progressive house sound, they started to make music.

However, there is more to the duo of AVC3DIA, who started creating their sound in Louisiana, than meets the ear. Alex is the son of two college educators and is looking to spread Epilepsy awareness through music. Sophie’s goal on the other hand, is getting people together to share the experience of music. She also has the natural ear to get everything sounding as it does.

You don’t have to like dubstep music to enjoy “Night Happens”, one of the latest electrifying tracks by AVC3DIA. Their symphonic synth highs and deep bass fills are mesmerizing bringing on a storm of a beat throughout. I was surprised to hear the variety of sound on this arrangement, even though the track is not over-produced with gratuitous effects, break-downs and build-ups. Everything seems to be where it should be, when it should be!

The sheer levels and quality behind the music of AVC3DIA is on a whole different level than most of anything else I’ve heard. Another seriously epic track (or rather, pair of tracks), is “Plain” –both the vocal dub and instrumental versions -each arrangement unyielding and punchy with the amazing soaring melodies you’ve come you expect from this duo.

“Plain” is a much more melodic, explosive, creative step forward. It does still trace a pretty close shadow to dubstep, but it retains enough of the AVC3DIA dance-worthiness to keep its own identity.

In the middle of a watered down, played out music industry on the whole (including EDM) this is a breath of fresh air. A nice progression from “Night Happens”, “Plain” really paints an awesome musical picture, but at the same time affronts the old ‘painful’ generation-gap problem, we all have had with our parents at point down the line…

Especially if you’re a musician, you would have heard the following hurtful and dissuasive lines, innumerable times, when discussion your passion and contemplated lifelong dream: “You know as I listen to it, you know, I don’t even think you can call this music. I mean, really music? I mean could you dance to this? Do you think anybody actually dances to this? I mean, really?

Then continuing the dose with phrases like: “I don’t know, maybe you should really think about…getting a job! I mean this really is a waste! Do something useful! What is this really that you’re doing here?”  “Plain” proves that an EDM artist can make a track with waves of full range synth chords over a driving beat and raw bass power and still hold your attention with the message contained within the song.

AVC3DIA definitely has clear dubstep influences, but without the awful, unmusical parts of dubstep, such as the tone-deaf whirring and whining  set to impale your ear drums, nor the over-the-top build-ups or unimaginative drops. They have perfectly cultivated distortion, fat beats and catchy tunes.

AVC3DIA is completely original, exciting, inspiring, and probably unexpected…for some, but not for me. AVC3DIA is an awesome and amazing expression of EDM music. This duo knows what you want to hear and they have the talent to make it happen!


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