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Athmoss & Slinky: “Melt The Ice” is the incarnation of superb AOR!

Singer-songwriters Athmoss & Slinky collaborated on the song, “Melt The Ice”, together with drummer Alexandrex. The main recordings and the mixing were done at Athmoss Music in Germany, while the guitar parts were completed in Slinky’s guitar-lab, located in Sweden. The song itself is one of the first tracks from an upcoming album by Athmoss & Slinky which should be released towards the end of this year.


“Melt The Ice”, shows how good a rock ballad can get with high flying amazing guitar solos, great vocal work and slow building keyboard-based arrangements. This is the sound that made classic rock legendary during the 80’s. The energy never wavers as the duo move from soft melodic to soaring choruses. Powerful, melodious, energetic, and dynamic, the interplay between lead singer Athmoss and guitarist Slinky is wonderful, while the drummer Alexandrex holds it all neatly together. Clearly, everyone is firing on all cylinders on this track.

Slinky (Antal Bosnyak) is a guitarist, singer and songwriter with almost two decades of experience behind him. Originally from Hungary, where he played in a band called Onix, Slinky has moved to Sweden which he considers a ‘rocking’ country, able to offer him more opportunities.


Athmoss (Imre Meszaros) was born in Transylvania, Romania. Athmoss started to learn music at the age of 5, at first the accordion, then later switching to piano and synth. He also spent some years working as a Radio DJ as well as in the visual media audio post-production sector. Since August 2013 he lives with his wife and his two daughters in Frankfurt, Germany, and collaborates with many artists from all over the world.

“Melt The Ice” is a power ballad to conquer all others. Come solo time, and it goes off to the stratosphere, blowing away most of today’s noisy shredders with its tasteful and dynamic licks. The sound quality and production on this track is also excellent. You can hear everything clearly, while the accented vocals are both powerful and emotive.

A great combination of good songwriting, great musicianship, and excellent vocal arrangements, “Melt The Ice” is the incarnation of superb AOR.


Single Purchase: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/slinkyathmoss



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