Angelle – “Not a Problem” – honest emotional unloading!

There’s a new captivating voice that’s been frequenting my streaming platforms consistently for the past week. And I’m both surprised and impressed about it. Angelle is an actress, model and award-winning singer-songwriter and recording artist out of Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in a Haitian musical family, by the age of five she knew that singing was what she wanted to do, and by the age of ten she was writing her own music. Influenced by her father, and her two uncles who enjoyed great commercial success in Haitian music, Angelle is determined to carry on that legacy.

Angelle, who has performed in notable venues across the states, endured an eight month hiatus due to vocal surgery. This allowed her to refocus and come back stronger than ever. She completed her new 2020 project, “The Rebirth”, and towards the end of October released the single “Not a Problem”.


On the new song, the brooding production, and the sultry songstress, embrace the essence and earnestness of old school R&B, while still staying in the here and now. The ballad presents a welcome halt of pace from our fast lives, where we try to skate over our emotions, instead of affronting them more profoundly, something Angelle dives into headfirst here.

Angelle’s delivery is carefully nuanced and strong, with notes that steadily climb alongside the intensity of her emotions. Her sonic diary represents the emptying of thoughts clearly and directly, when it comes to an elusive and troubled love relationship.

There’s a sultriness and sense of need, with a fair dose of disappointment. “Not a Problem” is what it is: honest emotional unloading delivered through a warm and melodic instrumental and, at times, clenched teeth. Its’ a time of self-awareness and empowerment, in a distressed situation. “You know what you did to me. All the pain and all the agony that you brought to me,” sings Angelle.

Her knack for specifics and tailored delivery puts you right there beside her as the story unfolds: “Had me all confused baby. Looking like a fool, tell me, why you lie to me.” With “Not a Problem”, you feel and embody every part of her plea, which is an intrinsic desire to understand and come to terms with a sense of unrequited love.

There’s something special about music that makes you feel things that, in all actuality, may be absent in your own life experiences. You may not know true love, and therefore subsequently, not understand heartbreak. If those feelings remain unfamiliar to you. Angelle has them tattooed on her heart, and they seep through every pore of the single’s deep, dark shades of blue.

The entire track offers a heavy and somber atmosphere through intimate and profound lyrics. “Not a Problem” delves deep with raw and unhealed emotion.  The lyrics not only talk about the pain, but makes Angelle’s audience feel the same ache within their hearts. No doubt, the song is sure to draw attention, as this lady brings some honesty and excitement back to the genre.


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