Andrew Kephart: ‘Nothing to Something’ is sure to soar through the hip hop underground!

Seventeen year old Andrew Kephart, was born and raised in a small town named Houtzdale located in Pennsylvania. Andrew’s interest in music began at a young age of 8 when he was influenced by family members who at the time, also played instruments and were members of a local band. He first learned to play the guitar then the drums and finally the piano. Ironically, Andrew never liked Hip-Hop music until he was introduced to an instrumental production platform that allowed him to create his own music. He wrote and produced his first hip-hop song when he was twelve. 

Andrew Kephart
Andrew Kephart

Andrew Kephart, completely wrote, performed and produced his 5-track EP, entitled ‘Nothing to Something’ – which just about describes his musical pathway up until now. Kephart, while being simplistic and down to earth lyrically, has something interesting to offer hip hop. And Kephart absolutely goes in on the beats, offering atmospheric, complex and downright catchy beats to ride. The power of Andrew Kephart is sure to soar through the hip hop underground and spread its rhythmic-soaked catchy rhymes to the masses. I mean how could anyone resist tunes like “See You”, “Sammy Sosa” and “All Night Long”?

Kephart definitely knows how design a cool melody and how to ride the beat, with a flow that’s easy on the ear and unforced. This is what makes ‘Nothing to Something’ so appealing. Though Kephart hasn’t skimped and has completed his train of thought in each cut, he is not trying to deliver any verbal sermons or getting heavily involved lyrically, yet he gets everything off his chest and leaves no stone unturned, theoretically, on the things that most interest a young growing adult.

Moreover, there is literally no bad song or moment on this EP. This is a great recording with something for anybody who enjoys Hiphop. Those looking for relatable lyrics, hype beats, and good rapping skills, will find it here in ‘Nothing to Something’.


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