Across The Board: “Don’t Drag Me Down” – a message of strength and resolve!

Canadian pop rock band Across The Board’s (ATB) “Don’t Drag Me Down”, is the first release off their upcoming concept EP “Amends” a track released on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2017. The song presents “a message of strength and resolve to stand up to bullies and policy-makers who would marginalize or repress those without a strong voice.” Across The Board’s music defies clumsy categorizations, while you’ll be seduced by its abundant and diverse charms. ATB are no shallow, derivative band creating a pseudo identity by modeling themselves on others – they are one of those rare and inspired groups of songwriters and performers who possess both a skewed, profound outlook and a warm, open heart. With superlative, restrained musicianship and wonderful economical spaciousness about the production “Don’t Drag Me Down” is a track to keep coming back to again and again.

Jacqueline Auguste (Vocals/Keys/Strings), Paul Nanuwa (Percussion/Vocals), Damien Atapattu (Guitar/Vocals) and Andy Ramjattan (Bass Guitar) deliver a retro stained, straight pop-rock anthem that is as simple as it is effective on the ear.

Rolling percussion, a driving bass line, crunchy electric guitar riffs and a melodic but soaring vocal ensures a warm nostalgic twist that is all but lost on current electronically induced music. A little dose of Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders and a pinch of Fleetwood Mac fit nicely into this upbeat ATB formula.

Don’t Drag Me Down” feels like a breath of fresh air, offering a completely different listening experience than your average modern rock track. It’s easy-going, well-written, and manages to emulate a lot of the great musicians of yesteryear without sounding like a copycat.

There’s nothing quite as compelling as music that emanates from a genuinely personal and honest perspective. That’s been Across The Board’s mantra from early on, and it continues here as they once again show that they are unafraid to form opinions and deliver messages.

Don’t Drag Me Down” makes an indelible impression, even on the first encounter with its unfettered delivery and astute arrangement. There’s little doubt that the song is the tonic needed to bring them a bigger reception overall.

It boasts a communal bond between the old and the new that ought to encourage listeners of diverse generations to come a bit closer and revel in this common bond. Despite whatever success they’ve achieved so far, clearly this is the track to steer them towards a bigger breakthrough.


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