Ace Drucci & London Blu: “Down To Ride” taken from the brand new album “Urban Music Vol 1”

Ace Drucci aka DJ Ac is a producer and artist from Washington, DC who begun as a musician in various GO-GO bands from the DC Metro area. Ace has worked on songs as a producer with Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, Lil Scrappy and a few more. London Blu is singer, songwriter and hip-hop artist form Hampton, Va. who is inspired by the early R&B music of the 80’s and 90’s. London has cultivated her silky smooth vocals while working with her team of producers.

Ace Drucci & London Blu
Ace Drucci & London Blu

Ace Drucci & London Blu have dropped the single “Down To Ride” taken from the brand new album “Urban Music Vol 1”. The duo give us a new track with a breath of fresh air that is so hard to find in the crowded rap game.

The sunny summertime synth sounds are amazing on this track, laced with soulful vocals, thoughtful raps and a beautiful bass line. Listening to it soothes you; it makes you feel better. Almost like heaven on Earth, quite a masterpiece.

Ace Drucci is a complete hip-hop artist, with the ability to rap and produce amazingly well.  Ace somehow balanced the perfect beat and bass with the laid back flow and choruses to make one of the most likeable hip hop songs on the album. He also has a good laid back sounding voice that works with the beat to get your head bobbing up and down.

You will not only be stunned by the guy’s easygoing lyrics or smooth flow, but you will be hypnotized by the overwhelming combination of everything – lyrical style, flow, effects, beats, vocal hook etc. – everything just fits together perfectly.

Whereas many other hip-hop innovators are fashioning their music towards a dense, noise heavy style, Ace Drucci & London Blu go for a different sort of musical ride on this track.

Soft, sweet and smooth, the sound melts like butter on hot corn. Throw in London Blu’s airy vocal hooks and fluorescent rap verses, and you have a scintillatingly fresh track at hand.

So, if you want to hear artists with some true production as well as lyrical and vocal talent, I suggest that you get a hold of this track and savor the delights both Ace Drucci & London Blu deliver here!


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