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AANA – “I Could Be” IN4R3D REMIX – blending alternative and dance!

IN4R3D (pronounced infrared) and AANA (pronounced “on uh”), have dropped the track, “I Could Be (IN4R3D REMIX)”. IN4R3D is signed to 4 Power Records in affiliation with BMI and ASCAP. IN4R3D is a producer creating in many styles, who has worked with many major artists such as Sean Kingston, David Correy, Pleasure P, and more. AANA is a new upcoming artist from Queens, NY. Her style is very similar to Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse, and Bjork. She has just released her EP titled “Self Revolution” and is currently working on her new album.


AANA projects much of her innovative musical life force into indie alternative music. With the Deep Tech remix by IN4R3D of “I Could Be” you got the best of both indie alternative and club dance worlds. Irrespective of whether you like the state of the modern music industry, this tune is a pure alternative-dance-pop jewel – catchy riffs, intelligent vocal treatments and immaculate production techniques.

Bang up to date, with the track capable of finding itself a massive hit if it picks up on the right ears, this is an impressive body of work. The result is a sumptuous, rich and glossy upbeat work that helps show off AANA’s voice to the full with a backdrop of multi-faceted layers of rhythm, melody and effects by IN4R3D.  


What we have is a progression into a darker electronic dance beat with beautiful lyrics and the melding of her voice as an instrument as well as a tool for singing. It’s eerie self-reflective and has a rhythmic bombast to keep your ears hooked.

“I Could Be (IN4R3D REMIX)” is all well worth having. The interesting vocals with music that tries something different, clearly delivers a nice new take on what AANA usually does. It all sounds like something from another planet, really something unique. AANA’s unusual vocals sound quite stunning with IN4R3D’s sounds and rhythms.

“I Could Be (IN4R3D REMIX)” has without a doubt been put together by a Producer who knows what he is doing. All-in-all AANA’s substantial vocals combined with IN4R3D’s extraordinary back ground beat creates music that entwines you and really takes you away!


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