7nights – “Carry On” quietly emerges triumphant!

7nights lineage is straight from the new wave family tree, but he separates himself from the pack of rappers with that melodic twist, thanks to memorable one-liners and impeccable beats. He toys with melody, and displays an updated vocal range on his single “Carry On”, produced by longtime friend and beat-maker, thatsoundswavy. The song is at once triumphant and extremely ear-warming. Based in the Statesville and Charlotte, North Carolina area, 7nights strives to affect people positively with his music, while moving outside any restrictive genre boundaries. Lyrically, he delves into his personal feelings, struggles and afflictions, with the knowledge that he represents a generation who experience the same hardships.


7nights lyrics are transparent, relatable and realistic, without shying away from any topics. He discusses drug abuse – though he does not endorse drug use – and heartbreak, with equal ease and transparency.

This effortless framing of topics mirrors the honesty in the artist’s delivery as he floats over the instrumental effortlessly on “Carry On”. The beat borders on psychedelic and dream-like with a Caribbean twist, allowing 7nights to literally hypnotize the listener.

7nights polished-crystal flow and tongue for pristine rhymes, gives his music the freshness of a desert oasis in the current scene. An emerging talent, 7nights’ understated swagger creates emotional rap music that reflects on trial-by-fire experiences. “When she left I moved right on. Private flight, I take what I want in my carry on. Dior pants with the ice on. I step how I want, watch me nigga imma carry on.”

The sound of “Carry On” is a logical conclusion to the storyline explored in its narrative, thatsoundswavy manages to prune all sonic extravagances, keeping the soundscape minimal but still catchy, while allowing 7nights to explore emotionally deep sonic territory informed by modern RnB and downtempo electro. The result is a song that evokes resilience and survival through its bruised and broken sentimental imagery.


“How you handling all the pain that you getting from day to day. How you handling all the pain that you got from me away. How you gonna get away,” asks 7nights. There’s both a dominating confidence, as well as deep introspection communicated through the lyrics. Weaving together seamless bars, hypnotic keys and a tuneful melody, 7nights quietly emerges triumphant with this release.

“Carry On” is a project that is both honest yet entertaining, igniting a spark to 7nights career.  His ability to articulate the conflicts of the soul and the lifestyle, in a way that, despite the deep introspection, never sounds melodramatic or overwrought, is one key to setting him apart from the pack. What is most impressive, is the intimacy of forward drive and nonchalance, in the face of adversity. This simultaneity is a driving force behind what makes this track so engaging.

It is clear from these elements that a lot of thought and care has gone into the construction of “Carry On” as an overall listening experience. 7nights also seems to keep it real, something we rarely see in today’s world. All of which shows the artist’s profound understanding of his craft, beyond surface-level references and allusions.


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