Suave_UK – Classic Urban Music With Innovative Lyricism from The UK

Suave_UK is an up and coming hiphop/rnb emcee, from South London. With innovative shock value lyricism and an old school hip hop vibe, this is an emcee to definitely one to look out for. Among his many releases you will gems like “Likkle Man” (little man) a song where he talks about his first-hand experiences of being a father for the first time and thereby handing down the baton to his son through things he has experienced over the years.

Another sparkling release is the remix to “Street Fame”, one of Tupac’s all times classics, which Suave_UK interpreted more than ably in his own style. Last but not least we have Suave_UK’s  latest single, “Can’t Deal” which is a classic RNB vibe with innovative lyricism.

Through his various releases, Suave_UK has proven that he can handle honest conscious rap as well as banging club numbers, and soulful slow-burners. All-round this is urban music at its finest, from the U.K.

If you’re a fan of real music then this is definitely an artist that serves your purpose. Don’t forget to check out all Suave_UK’s other stuff on


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