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Moving Towers Is Absolutely Stunning and Almost Perfect In Every Way!

Moving Towers formed in Muswell Hill, London in 2013. Started by producer / musician Marcel du Preez and later joined by Sándor Sztankovics , Michael Richardson, Wojtek Kukawski and Mariano Latorre. Moving Towers consists of an international line-up and delivers a contrast of music through spine-chilling ballads and powerful rock anthems. They have been compared to U2, Civil Twilight, Massive Attack, Porcupine Tree and even Sting.

If you haven’t heard anything by Moving Towers, then the songs ‘Chasing Shadows’ or ‘Red Skies’ is a perfect place to start. But I certainly wouldn’t stop there…not by a long shot. Moving Towers craft masterpieces while blurring the lines between genres. They develop a combination of crunchy guitar with warm radio-friendly pop-rock, all covered in a shield of psychedelic and effects-driven ambience.

Songs like “The Long Way”, “Innocent” and “Save Me”, just to name a few, show how the band manage to perfect a remarkably organic sound that they execute almost effortlessly.

I found Marcel Du Preez’s clear powerful vocals, along with the simple harmonies absolutely intoxicating. The similarities in range to U2’s Bono are undeniable. Sándor Sztankovics drumming is a revelation in its self, meticulous and above all interesting. The bass guitar of Wojtek Kukawski provides additional melody lines and depth, rather than just filling out the sound with complementing rhythms. The atmospheric keyboards of Michael Richardson lend a decisive hand in giving the music color and vibrancy, while Mariano Latorre’s lead guitar delivers captivating intensity and charisma.

Lovers of melodic, sometimes simple, sometimes complex, but always beautiful music will thoroughly enjoy the pile-driver sounds of the amazingly moving music these guys make. Well-braced verses, inspiring build-ups and soaring choruses, make each and every song extremely mesmerizing on the ear. Just try and resist to the melodies of “Snow On The Ocean” or “Firepower”.

Moving Towers is absolutely stunning, almost perfect in every way. I could not believe my ears upon hearing their work and it all started with the track, “Red Skies”. The song has wonderful orchestration coupled with entertaining vocal arrangements and incredible percussion. The way Marcel Du Preez is able to use his voice on this song is amazing, especially when he moves up a register. This was the song that opened my eyes… and rightfully so.

The question is, most of these songs go back to a year ago. So how come Moving Towers are not where they’re supposed to be today…and that is, dominating the world charts, alongside their peers? Musically the band lacks nothing, so I would guess that it’s down to the marketing thing yet again. The same old disease that inflicts itself upon some of the most promising indie bands around.

I’m not quite sure who pulls the commercial strings behind Moving Towers, but if this band don’t get where they’re going, fans will miss out on a musical goldmine overflowing with undiscovered treasures.

Seriously folks, with all the mediocrity in pop music today, you really cannot afford to miss out on the meticulously-crafted music made by Moving Towers!

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