Winner of six Medal Global Music Awards, Tasos Petsas is a Semi-Finalist in The International Songwriting Competition

The International Songwriting Competition (ISC), one of the most popular contests in the World, last week announced the 2021 semi-finalists. The contest which judged by some [more…]


Doug Cash – “Secrets” – a vision which goes beyond that of the predictable composer

Granted, the song styles and arrangements are familiar, but Doug Cash’s resonant voice and his signature guitar seem imbued with a renewed energy and intensity [more…]


Fangbanger – “Vertigo” explodes into a stratosphere of mesmerizing dynamics, mood and nuance!

As measured by the orgasmic-rock-meter, the slow-burning single “Vertigo” by alternative rock band, Fangbanger is a fierce, intensely hot listening experience. The band who has [more…]