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BlackHawkDown: “Prefix” – This is what heavy rock is all about!

BlackHawkDown is founded on a mutual love for heavy music. The debut EP, “Prefix”, is a culmination of a four year long journey starting with four friends jamming in an attic to the current line-up of five odd-shaped pieces which together have produced a unique, BHD-shaped unit.

BlackHawkDown-400BlackHawkDown brings elements of alternative metal and hard rock, into a volatile mixture that will certainly please most rock fans. Vocalist Log, guitarist Andrew, bassist Ant Nash, and drummer Marc all boast some nifty skills as musicians, but they’re not trying to be exquisite or rock intricately. They are here to rock their hearts out, and certainly the songs on display here are pure evidence of that fact.

The energy seething in the song “2L84U” is an irresistible slice of catchy hard rock. The centerpieces, in my view, are the rocking, dark and brooding “Freeman” which is a phenomenal song, and “Vision Up”. BlackHawkDown is a band with unparalleled emotion and talent. They can make amazing rock music with just a handful of chords, rasping vocals and lots of heavy breakdowns.

BlackHawkDown is an inspiration all in its own category. Sure, it is hard and heavy rock featuring the typical ho-hum angst driven vocals. However each song offers something similar but also something different. This is what rock is all about. The Ep’s emotional structure faintly reminds me of that of Nirvana- though musically this has nothing to do with that particular grunge style – combining melodic verse with heavy chorus and emotional lyrics. The songs are all very catchy without being annoying, and the heavy hooks will do just that, hook you!

BlackHawkDown-350In the end, it does not matter where these songs are coming from, or going to, lyrically, as they are really like anthems for anyone feeling rebellious, caged-in, sexually charged, or in the mood for lashing out at those who oppose them. If you listen to every song you really get pulled into the emotion of it, from start to finish. To be honest every song I hear I want to scream out the words. It’s so infectious and empowering it takes you over, especially “Annie Who”.

BlackHawkDown deliver an excellent crunching rock Ep here, with great sounds, melodies, excellent riffs and vocals. “Prefix” doesn’t hold anything back; instead it lets everything out which is good because it sucks when bands try to sugar coat things and the music just ends up sounding fake. This Ep will have you pumped just by listening to it. A very good effort by a band we can expect great things from in the future.


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