The Terrible Texan – “Call to the Aliens” is the opening track to their self-titled debut album!

“Call to the Aliens” is the opening track to the self-titled debut album by Houston, Texas based alternative rock band, The Terrible Texan. Consisting of vocalist Paul Nelson, guitarist Calvin Hardwick, and his sister Avery on bass, the band embraces distortion and high intensity as the cornerstone for relentlessly dynamic soundscapes. The Terrible Texan’s instrumental and vocal dynamism, as well as the raw and raucous production, add the finishing touches to an album which is structurally and stylistically sound. It clocks in at just under an hour and is jam-packed with awesome songs. There isn’t a wasted moment on “The Terrible Texan”.

The jagged guitars, the raw melodic vocals, and the all-round heavy sonic texture of “Call to the Aliens” is like a continuous punch in the gut. It’s rock n’ roll bombast on a profound level. It harbors the devilish magic of The Terrible Texan along with their writing and performance style. It shows that they’re perfectly capable of making huge and relentless, hard hitting rock numbers, which leave you no time to catch your breath.

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