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The latest addition to Dizzy Miles’ musical arsenal is the instrumental single, “Sunflower”

Dizzy Miles, the ingenious creation of the illustrious Doug Cash, exudes nothing but sonic excellence. Produced and arranged by none other than the acclaimed DC Pryor for Pryor 2 What? Records and Music Publishing, Dizzy Miles sets the bar for smart and simple musical mastery.

Drawing from the rich legacy of musical luminaries such as Isaac Hayes, Henry Mancini, Lalo Schifrin, Burt Bacharach, George Clinton, and Weather Report, Dizzy Miles is an eclectic fusion of musical genres. Seamlessly blending funk, dance, jazz, hip-hop, pop, and orchestral influences, the project delivers soul-stirring, foot-tapping, and booty-shaking music that transcends boundaries.

The latest addition to Dizzy Miles’ musical arsenal is the instrumental single, “Sunflower.” It’s a stunningly simple, yet awe-inspiring track, that exemplifies the project’s unwavering dedication to sonic excellence. With dynamic percussion and shifting, unbridled piano motifs, “Sunflower” leans on its kinetic rhythm and its powerful yet understated musical tones.

“Sunflower” is a testament to the brilliance of minimalism and a forward thinking ideology. The uncluttered arrangement allows the backbone of the track to take center stage without any fluffy sonic distractions, except for some delightful skittering sound effects. This renders the musical piece earthy and intoxicating, capturing your attention all the way through.

Without a doubt, “Sunflower” is a must-listen for anyone who values exceptional music done intelligently without pretentiousness. It is available for streaming and digital download on all major music outlets, and it’s an exquisite addition to Dizzy Miles’ musical repertoire. In a world where bombastic mediocrity reigns, Dizzy Miles stands out as a beacon of sonic brilliance.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://music.apple.com/us/album/mariposa/252992064

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