Savannah Rae is releases the Official video for her single ‘LITTLE SOLDIER’

Savannah Rae is Texas born and raised (San Antonio) and is a country music artist who is on her way to taking over the country music market. Savannah has recently teamed up with legend Pam Tillis to release her newest single TYPICAL TEXAS GIRL that has been played by many radio stations across the country.

She then went on to perform a long awaited English Spanish song titled Pushing UP Daisies, that has received many compliments as English Spanish is difficult in the country market. Savannah was able to take Country, Tehajno, and Rock and fuse it all into one hit when she released Pushing Up Daisies.

Savannah Rae has performed over 120 shows year before the pandemic and is ready to do it again, bigger and better, as Savannah’s shows are not shows but truly concerts that belong in an arena. Savannah has performed with many artists. From being a backup singer to legend Demi Lovato to supporting Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton and more.

Savannah also has gained the attention and became a brand ambassador for names such as Miranda Lambert’s Idyllwind, (clothing line)- Boot BarnChuck Norris water GForce – and the world wide Pickle Jar.

Savannah Rae is releasing her newest single LITTLE SOLDIER, June 10, which she dedicates to all veterans, and military active duty soldiers and Marines. Connect with Savannah Rae on Instagram @thesavannahrae

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