NawGee Drops The Visual For “All That Time” From The Upcoming Album “Pain N Designer”

Get ready to feel the beat drop, hip-hop and rap enthusiasts, because on April 4, 2023, NawGee’s highly-anticipated album “Pain N Designer” will finally be hitting the airwaves. With an unflinching determination to leave his mark on the music scene, NawGee’s talent shines through on every track of this sensational album, showcasing his message-driven lyricism and impeccable flow. Through “Pain N Designer,” NawGee channels his deepest struggles, experiences, and emotions, pouring his heart and soul into each and every song. The result is a musical masterpiece that exemplifies the artist’s unwavering commitment to producing music that speaks volumes to his listeners.

One of the standout tracks from the album is the mesmerizing “All That Time,” which comes complete with an official music video that has already taken the world by storm, amassing a legion of fans in just a few short days. With its infectious beats and poignant lyrics, “All That Time” is a testament to NawGee’s undeniable talent and his ability to connect with his audience on a profound level. Experience the full breadth of NawGee’s musical prowess, and you will undoubtedly be left craving more of his unparalleled talent.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: NawGee, the rap phenom hailing from the sun-kissed streets of San Diego, is a force to be reckoned with. Crafting his art for close to a decade, NawGee has emerged as a towering figure in the rap game, a rare gem that continues to stun the industry with his unmatched talent and deep-seated passion for real music.

A true survivor, NawGee draws inspiration from his life’s experiences, the trials and tribulations that have shaped him, and the struggles that have fueled his unrelenting drive. Despite the roadblocks that life has thrown at him, including a stint behind bars, NawGee never lost sight of his passion for music.

NawGee’s musical journey began to pick up steam when he teamed up with “Cali G” to release their joint effort “Been at the Bottom.” The track quickly became a hit, showcasing NawGee’s lyrical prowess and undeniable talent. Unfazed by the obstacles he faced, NawGee kept the momentum going by releasing “Politics is Politics” featuring Lil Cash, a track that garnered an impressive 30,000 streams in just 24 hours on Soundcloud.

In 2021, NawGee dropped his first official mixtape, “Sorry 4 the Hollup,” a project that showcased his growth and evolution as an artist. But it was his EP, “StartED 4rm Scratch,” that truly cemented his place in the rap pantheon. The title of the EP, a nod to the journey he took to build his own studio from scratch, was a testament to NawGee’s unparalleled work ethic and his unwavering commitment to his craft. He taught himself everything he needed to know about mixing, mastering, and engineering to make his music stand out.

But NawGee’s journey is far from over. His upcoming project, “Pain N Designer,” set for release on April 4th, 2023, promises to be his most impactful release yet. With this project, NawGee bares his soul and expresses his pain and struggle, creating a sound that is authentic, raw, and rare. With his technical prowess and musical genius, NawGee is poised to take the rap game by storm, cementing his place among the biggest names in the industry.


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