Lorenzo Bazzoni – “The Lord Of The Valleys” blurs the line between classical music and progressive art-rock

The combination of instruments, the epic build-up of each song section, along with some really smart compositional work make “The Lord Of The Valleys”, by Italian composer Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni, a track that successfully blurs the line between classical music and progressive art-rock, delivering the best of both worlds across its run-time. The track hits the right notes and sets up a musical journey into the depth of complex instrumental bliss.

Much like in previous releases, Lorenzo Bazzoni kick things off on the front foot. The driving and rolling percussion motifs, form the foundation for the track that follows, as the strings and layered backing instruments oscillate between dynamic changing patterns and tempos that never overwhelm the ear.

I believe “The Lord Of The Valleys” is easily Lorenzo Bazzoni’s crowning achievement and the most sophisticated track of his career so far. Sweeping melodies and soundscapes combine with intricate instrumental arrangements, which is typical Bazzoni, to create a lush and mesmerizing sonic landscape that is something fresh and new from him.

One particular observation I have to share is just how perfectly this track is engineered and mixed. The sound quality is exceptionally clean and crisp. As always in Lorenzo Bazzoni’s compositions, there’s also a lot going on here, and by that I mean that no matter how many times you listen to “The Lord Of The Valleys”, you can always find something new to appreciate every time you give it a spin.

Lorenzo Bazzoni is capable of throwing a huge range of influences into the blender, and getting a deliciously flavored result at the end. And he does that on every song, without exception. Hence expect a track filled to the brim with stunningly impacting sonic elements. There’s something ineffable about Bazzoni’s music, something enigmatic that makes for a fantastic listening experience, especially if you’re coming from the classical or progressive rock genres.

Bazzoni outdid himself here, and in doing so, he has set another high watermark for his upcoming compositions. The Italian composer and producer, Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni, started composing in 2015 and is totally self-taught. He simply uses his ear in the absence of music theory. His preferred bands are Dream Theater and Symphony X.

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