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Lorenzo Bazzoni – “Reminiscence” – Pure orchestral bombast!

Lorenzo Bazzoni bounces back with yet another single/video release. “Reminiscence” is the full version of a short progressive rock/orchestral etude he began writing some time ago. In the history of rock, large orchestras were assembled in association with the genre’s love for string and percussion dynamics. At first there were 90 musicians, which through the years were whittled down to 4o, to record amazing orchestral sections. Today the technology available, allows one creative, such as Lorenzo Bazzoni, to capture those wall of sounds all by himself.

On “Reminiscence”, Bazzoni has gone and done it again, another track that mixes rock, classical and symphonic music to great effect. With his intricate flourishes and grandiose concepts of pure orchestral bombast, Lorenzo Bazzoni delivers us another 6 minutes of musical bliss. “Reminiscence” is one of those songs that engulf you right from the start.

The composing and orchestration on the single are amazing, as you’d expect from Bazzoni by now.  The swirling strings and adrenaline-like percussion, are simply astounding. You always know what to expect from Lorenzo Bazzoni, namely very theatrical music packed within a nice story, fantastic epics and amazing instrumentals.

The aforementioned elements are exactly what Bazzoni brings on “Reminiscence”. The result is a powerful, compelling tale which you can elaborate in your own imagination. The chord progressions capture our attention fully as the song kicks in to reveal the gigantic orchestral riffs and pounding percussion. Lorenzo Bazzoni has thrown his mark into this song and placed his soul bare on the line, forging that unmistakable connection between creator and listener, this is promptly apparent within this stellar and stand out track.

The Italian composer and producer, Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni, who started composing in 2015 is totally self-taught, and simply uses his ear in the absence of music theory. His preferred bands are Dream Theater and Symphony X.

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