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Emo-funk artist Ike Kawaguchi is back with a new video for his track “Maybe I Need Your Love”

Reflecting on his romantic trials and tribulations, Ike Kawaguchi’s “Maybe I Need Your Love” is characterized by its highly emotional and introspective vocals and deep, groovy vibe. The video was shot by Ike’s brother Mokichi on an iPhone 11 Pro during his first trip to Japan in twelve years, giving it surreal and hazy look. Filmed in Tokyo, Japan, the video focuses on Ike immersed in diverse street scenes, drawing us into his powerful narrative. His lyrics confess his resistance to the thing he craves so much, “Deep inside alone surrounded by the light that I refused.”

Ike Kawaguchi

Ike Kawaguchi sees opportunities for love and feels love from others but holds onto his fears from his past and remains closed off to falling in love again. The bright surroundings in this video show a stark contrast to the loneliness he feels and confides in his audience.

This reflects the hidden conflict many people experience – the journey to move on and feel positive about opportunities for love after being burned in the past and learning to navigate a sea of endless possibilities (and bright, shiny distractions) with an open mind and heart.

Coming from humble beginnings, Kawaguchi ran away from home at 15 to couch surf, skate, and perform in local metal bands. Music was his solace away from life’s everyday struggles and he soon found himself recording and mixing hip-hop records among some of the music industry’s most revered names and attending audio engineering school.

Early on, Kawaguchi found a tremendous passion for guitar that soon gave way to him touring nationally throughout China as the lead guitarist performing on a custom eight-string guitar in the Chinese band “Voodoo Kungfu.” In 2015, the band performed in front of thousands and that won the Chinese MIDI Award for best live performance.

Growing restless from performing in metal bands, Kawaguchi soon began experimenting with various genres, forming a pop electronic duo. As Kawaguchi continued to play around with various sounds combining his guitar, piano, drums, bass, and vocal skills, he created a new genre he’s named “emo funk.” His solo work is a reflection of his unique musical background and experience that masterfully places his poetic and soulful vocals in the center.

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