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EHV Drops the Video for “ANTISOCIAL”

On his single “Antisocial”, EHV shows off his everyman-yet-dynamic style, telling us his story of being locked inside in these troublesome times, but never losing focus on his grind and ambitions though the art of making music and rapping. EHV is so full of fire in this song that you can’t help but end up psyched at the infectious beat and smooth flow of his rhymes. The lyrics are intricate and any fan of intelligent, deep-thinking hip-hop who hasn’t heard this song needs to listen to it right now.

The rhymes, the beat, and overall passion excel in every way. What makes this song so incredible, is how easy it is to relate to the narrative EHV weaves for us. Though his goals may be different to the ones you’ve set in your life. The perspectives are the same, and the experiences, as well as the conditions we are now living in, are commune to many.

EHV poured all his realism and sincerity into these rhymes, as the verses meld with the wordplay into a realistic, relatable and fierce song. EHV takes no prisoners right out of the gate as he imparts his aspirations and personal wisdom on listeners for anything and everything.

The “Antisocial” formula works in large part due to EHV’s storytelling and technical ability, but also because of the production which steadily pushes the momentum behind the rapper without getting in the way of the words.

Like most of the greatest songs in the genre, the high-impacting tracks are the ones where the rapper wears his heart on his sleeve, pouring out his feelings and thoughts. Which is exactly what happens on “Antisocial”. EHV’s lyrics are poetic, heartfelt, and hopeful. His emotions paint a heated and impassioned picture, but a beautiful one all the same.

“In a time where social interaction is very minimal, many of us have become very lonesome stuck in our homes. I’d like to present you with some visuals to illustrate my emotions and what my life has looked like being stuck inside making music, doing what I love, through the chaos of the world around us. I hope that not only the visuals provide context, but I hope my lyrics can resonate a message that we can all find peace in isolation. The things that we want will be found if we work for ourselves; our mind, body and souls.”EHV (EVERYONE HAS VISIONS)

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