Doug Cash – “Tough Nut To Crack” sharpens the fierceness of his lyrical and melodic gifts!

CEO / Owner of Pryor 2 What? Records and Music PublishingDoug Cash, sings his tunes with a lively spirit and gritty earnestness. On each of his releases, Doug presents the whole package – from sonics to lyrics – showing that he is an artist who desperately wants the universe to share in his narratives and varied musical leanings. The mercurial singer-songwriter is no stranger to performing eclectic musical styles, from foot stomping lively tunes, to sensitive ballads. Doug’s voice seems to get better and better with age, and he imbues his songs with an incredible passion.

Heavily influenced by Sly & the Family Stone, The Beatles, James Brown, Yes, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, and Paul Simon, Doug Cash’s long and storied career, is defined by a determined and single-minded pursuit of excellence, and a complete refusal to succumb to genre restrictions. Representing a wild pastiche of styles Doug is driven by a clear-eyed confidence in his songwriting and performances.

His brand new single, “Tough Nut To Crack”, is a wonderfully profound and immersive track, which seems to be the only kind of song Doug Cash knows how to make these days. He has long proven that he can bat from either side of the musical plate, and with this latest entry, Doug has once again effectively smashed any vestige of a pigeonhole that anyone wants to create for him. Extending his winning streak of single releases, he’s become a paragon of quality and musical honesty.

“I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. But you were flying way too high. I tried to drag you from the ceiling. You turned around and spit in my eye. So go ahead and live your lie girl,” sings Doug Cash as he unfolds another one of his intricate sentimental songs. Doug’s tracks have always conveyed an insightful level of focus and deep understanding of the topic at hand, but as he moves forward he has learned the finer, more subtle points to making a totally convincing record.

Therefore, “Tough Nut To Crack” signifies another apex in his artistic voyage. All things aside — to make a great song, you need a solid foundation upon which to work. Fortunately, Doug Cash has been extremely consistent here. From his acoustic songwriting-focused efforts to his more extravagant, soul, pop, rock and even electronic excursions, Doug has shown he has a true knowledge and understanding of Americana roots music, and he draws upon this quite extensively throughout “Tough Nut To Crack”.

Doug Cash songs are timeless as they majestically dance their way through any number of styles, while emoting his vision and feelings with resolute conviction. “Tough Nut To Crack” is another heartfelt and outspoken declaration from Doug. “I aint the one who’s stuck in your world. So who’s the one that’s holding you back. Are you only happy on your back. Well maybe you’re just frigid. I’m more than willing. To cut you some slack. Did somebody touch you. You’re a tough nut to crack,” exclaims Doug.

These words would not be so profound coming from anyone less intense and insightful than Doug Cash. On “Tough Nut To Crack” Doug has sharpened the fierceness of his lyrical and melodic gifts that continue to mark him as a major talent, and a highly underrated musical artist.


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