Dez Money – New Song and Video “Give Me All You Got”


Dez Money releases his third song and video of 2021 and showcases his indie-pop side with “Give Me All You Got” out on August 13. Stream it here –

When asked about the song Dez explains, “For “Give Me All You Got” my goal was to make a feel-good pop song for the summer. Though I come from a rock background, I love all different types of music, and this song I just wanted to be straight-up pop.”

“Aside from writing and producing the song, I also directed and edited the music video. The aesthetic of the music video is kind of a 90s/00s Hip-Hop vibe, and we had a lot of fun making it. Shooting the video with my little brother Julian on drums was really cool. My sister Jess also helped out on set as the assistant director making it rain hundred-dollar bills. Everything I do is pretty much in house, and I genuinely love the work that goes into both making the music and the music videos.”

“The video came together once I found this location with a Money room. I thought it would be perfect to go with the song considering our name and the context of the lyrics. The drums we used in the music video were the same DW drums that were used on tour for years with my dad’s band. That set is almost 20 years old now.”

“The guitar in the music video is really special to me because it was the guitar that was used in Two Tickets to Paradise. I wanted to bring that guitar out for this music video to honor my dad. I really love that guitar and at the end of the day, we’re just trying to make my dad proud by working hard doing what we love,” Dez explains.

With his first release of 2021 “Lost,” (April) singer, songwriter, and producer Dez garnered early praise from American Songwriter Magazine who said he is “showcasing his homegrown versatility as a multi-instrumentalist and captivating as a storyteller.” Next came “Trippin,” which was featured on Apple Music’s New In Rock and New In Alternative playlists. The Further Magazine said it’s “a unique sound recipe blending alternative rock music with pop, soundscapes and most of all beautiful instrumentation, the artist showcases his talent for turning emotions into music and poetry.”

More music is coming soon with a new album to be released later this year.


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