INTERVIEW with Adult Contemporary/Pop R&B artist Magdalena Tul

Magdalena Tul is an adult Contemporary/Pop R&B artist currently based in the United States. Magdalena has had a passion for singing since she was a young child. Her love for music led her to join a children’s band when she was just 12 years old. As she grew older, she began to realize that singing was more than just a hobby for her – it was her true calling. With her heart set on pursuing a music career, she dedicated herself to improving her skills and developing her unique style. Today, Magdalena continues to pursue her dreams, using her incredible voice to captivate audiences and inspire others to follow their passions. Her music has been creating waves among audiences due to her emotionally powerful singing and great melodies, always able to entice the audience and create a stronger connection. Magdalena has recently released a new album titled ‘Signature Of Soul’ featuring some amazing singles like “Ready for Love,” “If Loving You is All I Ever Do,” and “Face the Day.” Her tracks stand out as a powerful and effective example of the way she combines different styles and aesthetics. Magdalena’s soulful voice carries a timeless sound and warmth that captivates audiences from the very first note to the last, always bringing integrity to her shows, whether she’s performing the national anthem at major sports venues or performing one of her original recorded songs.

Magdalena has already made a big name for herself in Europe, and now she has been sharing her talent with US audiences as well. She has been touring some of the Major Baseball Stadiums, performing the National Anthem, including performing at a few New York Yankees games. Magdalena will also be hosting the Atlanta Braves July 5th with her spectacular rendition of our National Anthem. She is signed to Banner Records, a very well respected label with an impressive roster of quality artists. Magdalena Tul is looking forward to a fantastic year and plans to release some amazing new music soon.

Your musical journey has taken you from performing with local bands at the age of twelve to representing Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest. How has this diverse range of experiences shaped your artistic identity?

Magdalena Tul: It’s a very profound question. Considering that it spans over 30 years of my life, this period has had an impact on both my identity as an artist and as a person. I believe it also holds symbolic significance for me, illustrating my journey from its inception to stepping onto the world’s largest stage. Eurovision was my dream for many years, and the fact that I not only achieved it but also proved to myself that anything is possible in life holds great meaning. It’s a time of gaining rich experiences in various aspects, including performances in theaters and on television. Throughout this journey, I think I’ve learned a lot about myself, who I am, and who I want to be as a singer and artist, and how I want to convey my music to people.

“Signature of Soul” is your latest album, blending Pop, R&B, and Soul. Can you share the inspiration behind the album and how it reflects your evolution as an artist?

Magdalena Tul: The album “Signature Of Soul” is, for me, a return to my roots. The idea for its title originated over a dozen years ago when I finished working on my first R&B album as an independent creator. I decided to carry this title with me because it marks a time when I return to the music that shaped me, diving deeper into soul, R&B, with a touch of pop. This album signifies the end of drifting through shallows and searching for myself in different styles. As a creator, it’s easy to get lost in the thicket of expectations, trying to please everyone and losing your identity. I think, in a way, this has touched me as well.

You gained recognition in Europe through the popular TV show “Name That Tune.” How did this exposure contribute to your growth as a performer, and how did it prepare you for the international stage?

Magdalena Tul: Working in television was a wonderful experience; I learned a lot about practically every aspect of production, working with cameras, and handling time pressure. I believe I experienced the blessing of being able to learn such important lessons through working in both TV and theater, which now allows me to feel comfortable and confident on the international stage. It’s as if every subsequent step was a well-planned preparation. It’s a touch of magic for me.

Winning hearts globally at Eurovision is a remarkable accomplishment. How did that experience influence your approach to music, and what did it mean for you as an artist representing your homeland?

Magdalena Tul: Representing my own country is a great honor and a privilege for any artist. It was a massive undertaking that I was very afraid of, being an independent artist without the backing of a record label or a manager. I learned a lot through this experience, made many mistakes, but I am very proud of myself for facing this challenge. Eurovision also allowed me to taste the real essence of show business with all its charms and dark sides, which is fantastic for me. To this day, I can’t believe the support I received from fans worldwide, who, despite the passage of years, still remember my Eurovision song and show me their love.

Your journey led you to Banner Records, working with industry veterans like John Anthony, Arnie Abrams and Dylan Bernstein. How has their guidance and expertise shaped your career, especially in the competitive American music industry?

Magdalena Tul: I have a wonderful opportunity to learn and gain experience from individuals who have been working in the music industry for 50 years. I listen with great interest as they share how this market has changed and evolved. Despite being young, I am an artist who has experienced a turning point in my life when I started, taking my first steps into the music industry. The market back then operated by completely different rules than it does today. John Anthony and Dylan Bernstein, the son of Sid Bernstein, have observed these changes over a much longer period, since the 1960s, making them a treasure trove of knowledge.

“Ready for Love” from “Signature of Soul” received substantial airplay. Can you tell us about the creative process behind the song and the significance it holds for you?

Magdalena Tul: “Ready for Love” is a special song for me because it is entirely my own creation. I jokingly tell John that it was commissioned out of the need for a fast-paced song on the album. During that time, we were usually receiving requests for ballads, so I was challenged and forbidden to write more ballads; instead, I was instructed to focus on dance songs. The songwriting process for me is usually similar. I live with the idea of a song for some time, often finding inspiration in the shower – a shared experience among many artists, I’ve heard. I believe it’s a place where one can relax and fully unleash their creative potential. “Ready for Love” came to my mind, somewhat in contradiction to what I felt. The musical layer of the song was inspired by the works of artists like Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight and the lyrics speak of a new, fantastic love that arrives unexpectedly and allows us to believe that this person can accompany us throughout life. It’s, in a sense, an affirmation of the love we all wish to experience. After many experiences, we may feel unprepared for another love, thinking we won’t find such feelings and emotions within us again. However, it turns out that it’s never too late for love, and we can always be ready for it when we open our hearts. The process of creating a song typically involves having an idea for the melody and the main theme of the lyrics. I sit down at the piano, try to recreate the harmony in my head, and then sketch out the arrangement. In this case, my son Chris, who is involved in production and mixing, helped me bring the song to life.

“This Thing I Do” is your latest single, penned by hit songwriters associated with Banner Records. How did this collaboration come about, and what emotions or themes does the song explore?

Magdalena Tul: “This Thing I Do” is a fantastic song written by Joanna Cottan and Greg Barnhill. It’s essentially an anthem for all people who have a passion and love what they do in life. Recording this song required a lot of effort because the melody wasn’t immediately apparent. I remember it took several weeks to achieve the sound and effect we were looking for to make the song sound just right.

As a seasoned performer, you’ve had concerts across London, Italy, Portugal, and beyond. How do different audiences respond to your music, and how do you tailor your performances to connect with diverse cultures?

Magdalena Tul: Concerting abroad was a wonderful experience for me because it allowed me to communicate in English, the language in which I always write my songs. During these concerts, I felt for the first time that music has its own language – the language of emotions. Additionally, I was fortunate to perform for fans who knew me from Eurovision and welcomed me with open arms. I believe the experience of exploring cultures and venturing into distant corners of the world is still ahead of me. So far, I’ve only tasted a glimpse of this adventure.

You’ve released three albums independently before joining Banner Records. How has the transition from independent artist to a label-supported artist impacted your creative process and approach to your music career?

Magdalena Tul: Indeed, before collaborating with Banner Records, I independently recorded several albums. Through that experience, I learned how to navigate the entire process from creating a song to releasing it and being my own manager. It’s a challenging journey for every artist, and I’ve always dreamed of building my own team so that I wouldn’t have to do everything on my own. This dream came true with Banner Records, allowing me to focus more on recording songs and being an artist. I worried, however, that I wouldn’t be able to collaborate with someone without feeling completely powerless, as is often the case with record labels. So, when it turned out that I had a significant contribution to shaping my career and preparing projects, I felt at ease. It seems to be my nature and the path of independent artists that they always remain somewhat autonomous.I also brought people to the record label whom I had worked with previously as an independent artist, and they became part of our team.

Your demo recordings caught the attention of Banner Records. Can you share a bit about the journey from sending demos to becoming a part of such a prestigious label, and how has this collaboration shaped your artistic trajectory?

Magdalena Tul: It’s beautifully described as the “demo submission journey,” a path every artist, actor, and singer knows, a journey that never ends. There’s one important rule you must learn: never give up after hearing the word “no” because you’ll hear it many times. It doesn’t mean your music is worthless; it just means you haven’t found the right places for it. It took a long time before I heard my “yes,” and I could complain that I lost many years, that someone in Poland could have helped me earlier. However, I’m convinced that if it had happened sooner, I would never have dared to take a step towards the United States. I needed to hear “no” from almost every possible direction in my country to start looking elsewhere. Despite it always being my dream, once you find yourself in your comfort zone, it’s probably hard to leave. After a while of sending your demos, you practically know the answer, making it hard to believe when someone finally says otherwise. But it did happen in my case, and they didn’t keep me in suspense for long; we started working together almost immediately. John knew what he was looking for, seeing potential in every song regardless of the arrangement or even the execution of the piece. He just knew what he was seeking in me.

Your singles like ‘Face The Day,’ ‘Rediscovered You,’ ‘If Loving You Is All I Ever Do,’ and ‘Ready For Love’ have garnered global attention. How do you feel about the international reception of your music, and what impact do you hope to make with your upcoming album?

Magdalena Tul: I’ve encountered such a situation during the international Eurovision contest, but now it’s an entirely different job—a grassroots effort, as I begin as a new, debut artist in a new music market. Each time my song gets played on the radio or TV is a success for me, especially considering the early stages. Slowly, together with my team, we’re building momentum. I know there’s a lot of work ahead, and I approach the excitement around me and my music cautiously. However, I believe that step by step, I’ll reach where I already am in my dreams.

“If you believe that your dreams can be your reality, miracles will start to happen.” Can you elaborate on the power of belief and how it has fueled your determination and creativity throughout your career?

Magdalena Tul: Faith is the key. Without my faith, I could have given up a thousand times, but it kept me on the right path, allowing me to work persistently, be determined, and certain that achieving my goal is just a matter of time. It may sound childish, but that’s what guided me throughout my life—I was convinced it had to work out.

Your album, ‘Signature Of Soul,’ is described as your musical signature. How do you define the “signature” in your soulful sound, and how does it represent your artistic essence?

Magdalena Tul: As I mentioned, the title for the album appeared many years ago, but we modified it a bit now—replacing the word “sign” with “signature.” “Signature of Soul” has a double meaning for me; it’s a signature I give with my music as an artist, choosing the path of soul music. Simultaneously, it is the signature of my soul as a person because what I do, how I create, write songs, and convey them to people is my mission. I know that through this, I can genuinely impact human lives, making positive changes. It’s a job for the soul.

You’ve recently been performing at Major Baseball Stadiums, including the New York Yankees games. How does performing in such iconic venues add to your experience as a live performer, and what has been the audience response?

Magdalena Tul: My performances with the national anthem turned out to be my debut in America, which was a huge stress for me but also an honor. The audience’s reception was a big surprise for me. Regardless of age, there were many older and teenage people; a lot of them approached me to congratulate me on the performance. It showed me that most of my worries were entirely unfounded.

Hosting the Atlanta Braves on July 5th for the National Anthem is a significant moment. How do you approach performing the national anthem, and what emotions do you feel during these high-profile performances?

Magdalena Tul: Singing the American anthem, as I mentioned, is a tremendous honor, especially at a stadium like the Atlanta Braves’ during such a significant week as Independence Week. Wanting to perform the anthem to the best of my ability, I took the trouble to learn more about how it was created, when it was written, and the circumstances surrounding it. This allowed me to feel the emotions that accompany the residents of America.

With a fantastic year ahead, what can your fans expect from your upcoming music releases, and how do you plan to build on the success of ‘Signature Of Soul’?

Magdalena Tul: I am convinced that this will be a fantastic year. Most importantly, and this is crucial for me, we are planning my first tour across America with my amazing band. I can’t wait for the first concerts because that’s where I feel the best. Additionally, we plan to release more songs, some of which are already partially recorded, and I am eagerly anticipating them as they reveal even more of what I want to share with people. These will include songs written by brilliant composers like Ken Hirsch, Gordon Pogoda, Gloria Sklerov, Jerry Glidewell, and others. I am also expanding my acting journey, which is an additional driving force.

Your voice is often described as emotionally powerful with great melodies. How do you ensure that your music creates a strong emotional connection with your audience, and what role does authenticity play in your creative process?

Magdalena Tul: Once, I heard from someone important to me, who enjoys attending my concerts, that when I sing, he understands what I’m saying. I think that’s one of the biggest compliments I’ve ever received. When I’m on stage, or in the studio, but especially on stage, it’s much easier for me to achieve this on stage – I’m telling a story. The message and interaction with the audience are more important to me than the technical execution of the song. I simply come out with a message. My goal is to move people, inspire them, and plant a small seed that will sprout into change.

Having made a name for yourself in Europe and now sharing your talent with U.S. audiences, how do you navigate the cultural differences and expectations in your performances?

Magdalena Tul: I think I’m still working on making a name for myself, but in terms of differences, there aren’t too many. From what I’ve observed so far, the main differences revolve around mentality, approach to various matters, work ethics, and communication styles. I come from a country where people are very direct, and one person can handle multiple tasks simultaneously. In essence, in Poland, if you have a position at work, you often do much more than what your field requires. It seems to me that in the United States, people focus more on their specialties, are more mindful of work hours, even if it’s a passion. Therefore, I had to learn not to be such a “hot water buddy.” I guess I brought with me this drive to immediately do something, but in the meantime, I had to learn patience and relaxation.

Looking ahead, what are your long-term goals as an artist, and how do you envision your impact on the music industry in the years to come?

Magdalena Tul: Questions like these always lead to reflection on whether to talk about one’s dreams or keep them private and let the world see them later. However, I think I won’t be saying anything groundbreaking when I say that my main dream is to have a stable position in the music market, allowing me to perform in front of full audiences, release albums that are eagerly listened to and bought. In achieving this, having a Grammy on the shelf wouldn’t hurt, but of course, such awards are not the goal in itself; they are symbols, benchmarks that certain goals have been achieved. However, I know that when we achieve one goal, another one appears. So, I dream of having the opportunities to pursue these goals. Speaking about influencing the music market, I would like to leave a mark, a testament to my work and perseverance. And speaking about influencing people as an individual on the listeners, I would like my music, my persona, who I am, to impact the change in human life, behavior, and the world. Like everyone else, I also have unique gifts that I would like to share with others, and the stage would be an ideal place for that.


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