Corbeau du Nord: “Le Purgatoire” – a cinematic soundtrack!

Jason Bernier was born in 1978 in Longueuil, in the Montréal’s south shore, Québec. Coming from a modest background and raised by a single mother, his [more…]

New Releases

‘Liberating Truth’ is unquestionably Sakis Gouzonis’ finest set of instrumental compositions

Sakis Gouzonis, whose extraordinary body of work has pioneered contemporary instrumental music, recently released his ninth studio album titled ‘Liberating Truth’. So far, Sakis Gouzonis [more…]


No Audible Dialogue & Pardus Blacke: “Opening Sequences” – luscious layered soundscapes for film


Isaac Benjamin’s mission is to express art through music and video games. His project, No Audible Dialogue is a small game company, but it is [more…]