Radio Drive – “Cast Out Your Light” – a message of hope, inspiration, and human connection

Radio Drive, the Alternative Pop Rock band fronted by the talented Kevin Gullickson, has earned numerous accolades for its exceptional music. Through this powerhouse project, [more…]

New Releases

Radio Drive – “One Breath Away” – luscious pop-rock melodies, sumptuous harmonies, and ear-warming arrangements!

Radio Drive is an Alternative Pop-Rock project featuring Kevin Gullickson. Radio Drive has won numerous international awards and nominations, and has been aired on radio [more…]

New Releases

Radio Drive ft. Kevin Gullickson – “Before The Day Is Through” oozes with authenticity and charisma!

It’s pretty tough to list all of Radio Drive’s accolades and achievements without sounding like a typical hype machine. Truth is, this alternative pop rock [more…]

New Releases

Radio Drive – “2020 Vision” – captivating and technically superb throughout!

From critically-acclaimed singles, and chart-topping songs, to Grammy-Award considered music, the EP “2020 Vision” plays out like a greatest hits compilation by Kevin Gullickson and [more…]


“In The Light” – Radio Drive ft. Kevin Gullickson – collection of captivating, personal-story songs!

Officially released in August 2019, “In The Light”, is the 6th full studio album from Radio Drive featuring Kevin Gullickson. Kevin began recording the album [more…]


Radio Drive aka Kevin Gullickson is one of those musicians that you can’t help but notice!

Radio Drive is a blend of alternative rock and pop music influences. With the release of 4 independent CDs, Kevin Gullickson, with his solo project Radio Drive, has [more…]