New Releases

Breaking the Mold: Boonie Mayfield’s Creative Evolution with ‘Boon Pop: The Mile High Theory’

In the boundless expanse of modern music, where innovation is both the mandate and the mantra, few creators stand as tall as Boonie Mayfield. Known [more…]

New Releases

SeparateSelf – “Love Drugged” hands us another one of his musical visions on a silver platter!


Colorado Springs artist and producer, SeparateSelf is an idealist, with dreams for the future that are bold and bright. In between, he likes to contemplate [more…]


Steady Work: “Identity Theft” – a powerful songwriter and an even better storyteller

Dallas Schwake aka Steady Work, is an independent music artist based out of Colorado Springs, CO. Originally a Mississippi Native, Dallas moved to Colorado in [more…]